Facebook Ads audience demographic - Part 1

Facebook equips business owners with a selection of demographic factors that can be shaped to target the right audience. In this article, we will guide you along the demographic selection process while creating your Facebook Ad: Location, Age Range, Gender, Language, Relationship Status, Education, and Work.


For F&B business owners, you should choose nearby places versus your shop location so that your target customers - they can conveniently come to your shop or order at home.

Other choices are about places that you believe concentrating your target customers: common places, universities, schools, departments, etc. For this kind of location target, you should base on the characteristics of your target customer to define. You can input the specific address of the places (such as: Hoi An ancient town, Tran Phu street, etc.):

  • If you are selling more expensive food products, your target audience should be the officers who are working in central business locations. So you should find famous and popular office buildings addresses.
  • If you are selling standard food products at the lower price, your target audience should be the students. So you should find famous and popular universities's addresses.
  • If you are focusing on the foreigner, you should find famous and popular places that visitors will visit when they travel to your location.

There are 2 options for the location target to define how big of the target audience you choose:

  • Current city only: that means you just want to reach people just in the chosen place.
  • Cities with x mil radius: that means you want to reach people in the chosen place and surrounding places of the chosen place within the given radius.

Afterwards, select either to reach everyone in that location, people who are living there, people who are recently there, or people who are traveling there.

Age Range

Decide the age range of your target audience and make sure that the age group you select is in line with the products you are offering and the customers you are targeting.

F&B outlets who target locations in Central Business District areas can set the minimum age of 23 and the maximum of 60. Otherwise, if you focus on the student segments, the maximum age should be 22.

If you are selling more expensive food products, avoid targeting younger kids because they are unlikely to have much purchasing power.


If you are not targeting any specific gender for your food products, select All.

For products that are mostly branded towards female like pressed juices, healthy foods for skin, diet foods, etc; it is possible to select only female as your target audience group. Not only will choosing one gender make your Ads more targeted, but it also allows you to craft more personalized creatives for different genders.


In this section, you can choose to target your potential customers based on the language they speak. So if you are in Vietnam, but your Ads are in English, target people in Vietnam whose languages include English.

Language targeting can be useful if you are selling a specific cuisine, and want to reach out to people who are interested in that cuisine.

Relationship Status

This demographic option allows one to target people who are single, in a relationship, or married. Combining relationship status with gender, during special seasons like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, F&B owners who offer chocolates or cakes can reach out to the ladies who might want to get chocolates for their sweethearts.

Vice versa, you can entice the men to order a cake online for their girlfriend or wife. Or if your products are served for children or good for the family, the married status may be the best suitable choice.


Useful when your target customers are currently studying in schools or universities. This section grants you the option to target your potential customers based on their education level, fields of study, schools, as well as undergraduate years.


Select your target audience based on their occupations – employers, job title, and industries. If you want them to organize companies dinners, lunches, or seasonal parties, you should target the HR department or office admin.

If you provide coffee-meeting room services to organize mini event or workshops, the manager level title you should consider for the work target section.

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