Terms of Service

We tried our best to make this content short & readable for human please don't ignore this before using our product :P


POS Online is a "Software as a Service" product so you will have to signup an account and pay the subscription fee (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) to use this product.

On your signup, you can provide either real or fake info. Honestly we won't care who you are or what you are selling...but we hope it should be legal in your country. Just in case you need our direct support, your correct contact info would save your life :).

After signing up an account, you will have 15 free trial days to explore all available features. Please use this trial period effectively to ensure this product can support your business properly as it says (by the marketing team). If you can't make the decision to pay after trial period, you can signup another account to have another 15 trial days. It's okay, we don't mind that.

After using our product for a while and somehow you figure out that we are delivering nothing but shit. Then you can terminate your subscription at any time without extra fee. But at least, please give us a reason so we can enhance our product to prepare for your come back.

On terminating the account, you can also delete all the business data from our server entirely & permanently. We promise we won't use any piece of your data for any secret purpose. And please don't ask us to recover your data in such case...because obviously, we can't :(.


We are using PayPal (3rd party payment service) to process the payment, hence we won't touch or keep your credit card info. If you don't trust PayPal for some reason, please give us a word so we can bring another trusted 3rd party payment service onboard soonest.

We don't do auto-recurring payment, so you won't have to worry about any "surprise" payment in the future when using our product. Instead, you will have 10 pending days to make the payment to extend your subscription before your account is locked down.

We don't have life-time subscription (pay once and use forever) just because we don't think our product can survive on this planet forever. So it doesn't make any sense that we promise on what we can not deliver right?

You will only pay for subscription fee during your life-time with us. If someone asks you for any other fee, he/she should not be a part of our team for sure...please talk to police in such case immediately!

Support & Delivery

We will support you via lot of online means such as email, chat, TeamViewer, etc. to help you walk through our features. Besides, we prepared very detail guidelines with screen captures & videos step by step. In some cases, we can have a call directly to resolve/discuss about incidents, product feature feedbacks, account recovery, etc.

We are online 24/7. Hmm you are right, we are trying to online 24/7 to ensure you can chat with us any time. Our missed chat rate is about 0.5%, we promise to keep it as low as possible.

Also, we promise a down-time rate is just 5 minutes/year. If you are lucky, you can catch/capture that moment to get 1-year free subscription.

We just deliver software product, so we won't take responsibility for any hardware-related (PC, printer, etc.) or OS issues. But our support team is willing to help anyway as much as possible. We just recommend you to contact your hardware provider firstly, if possible.

As we mentioned above, we can not promise to deliver our product you know life is tough sometime right? So we will notify you 3 months (at least) in advance to let you know that we will be shutting down soon & we will refund all up-front payment to you. If that happens, we sincerely hope you can find a better product.