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'Your customer is also our customer'. Based on this mission, we want to deliver sharing about PR and Marketing to support your F&B and Accommodation business to increase the brand awareness and engage with the target customer: 1. Build brand distinctiveness 2. Develop social media 3. Analyze customer segmentation 4. Turn data into insight 5. Introduce tools and ideas for marketing plan

How to Organize the Halloween Contest for your F&B Business?

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Halloween – that time of year when everyone gets to dress up and pretend to be something they’re not. Moreover, Halloween is always a big business since this is one of the most exciting and favorite season of the customers. F&B Businesses is also not out of this fact. Hosting a Halloween Party, running Halloween promotion, offering new Menu included foods & drinks dedicated just for this scariest event are typical activities of coffee shops, restaurants, or bars in this season. For whatever activity kind, the F&B business owners purpose to create fresh & unique Halloween experience for their customers, in-the-end to engage with them while having the increasing income. One of Halloween activity kind that supports to not only enhance your F&B brands’ images but engage with customers through inspiring them to join with your stores is Halloween Contest.

Back to School Promotion Ideas for F&B Business

PR and Marketing Coffee Shop Customer Behavior Customer Segmentation F&B Marketing Restaurant Bar Restaurant Promotion Back to School

Students are coming back to town — is your Coffeeshop|Restaurant|Bar having something cool to excite and welcome them? You don’t have to be a famous bar in the university town to have a piece of this back2school business. Back to school starts in the fall, that means big business from students, and teachers. Let’s take advantages of all these additional traffic by approaching students and marketing directly to them, belong with building relationships with institutions themselves. Read on to make some fresh ideas about how you can create more traffic and engage with this customer segment type.

The Power of Online Review and Rating with F&B Business

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The Social Media is now becoming one of biggest communication platform in the world, and as the result, people are now depending on this channel to connect and also to search for the essential information. Furthermore, netizens also tend to share their experience, memories, tips for others as advisors in all aspects of life. Without Sharing - Learning - and of course Liking, the Social Life is nothing. F&B, a part of the Hospitality industry, is now affected by the Social Media. In more details, customers have changed their service behavior by adding 'searching & reading' step as the first step in their process. This means customers will search for a place and read reviews and ratings of this place before making decisions and visiting. So that it's clearly that peer-to-peer reviews have become increasingly important in recent years, to the extent that half of the visitors will not choose a place before consulting an online review site.

How to organize the Happy Hour for your F&B stores?

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Follow the last sharing of POS Online about the Happy Hour and the role of this kind program to the business performance, it's clear that the Happy Hour is playing a key of store marketing in particular and store performance in general. Now go into action, how to create successful and recognizable Happy Hour in your restaurant or bar that can excite your customers and also enhance the business sale? Follow this sharing step-by-step to visualize your own Happy Hour.

What is Happy Hour and the importance of the Happy Hour promotion for your F&B businesses

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'Happy Hour is the Hour you make your customers Happy.' These are just the shorten words to visualize the spirit of this kind of program. Happy hour is the familiar classical marketing term in the F&B businesses. It means 'hour of happiness' in restaurants, bars or coffee houses, mainly because of exclusive discounts on prices which mean cheap wine, beer, meals or complete special menu at certain hours. Every successful F&B business owner who is looking for new and fresh ideas to engage with customers use Happy Hour to enhance the business performance. It's entirely that Happy Hour is one of the best ways to make customers happier, and that Happy Hour takes a significant impact on the overall profit and also customer loyalty.

How to define Objective for Facebook Ads campaign of your F&B businesses?

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The first step in constructing a personalized advertisement for your business is selecting an objective. This is the most important step that determines the success of the campaign. As the role of the business owner, you should base on the expectation of yourself when running the campaign to define the suitable goal. Moreover, this objective should also meet the current situation and plans (promotion, new product launch, customer reward, etc.) of the F&B store.

5 Steps to brainstorm Facebook Ads for your F&B Businesses

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Based on the source of Sproutsocial, with more than 200 million posts tagged #food and 23 million with #drinks, food, and beverage photos are easily some of the most popular types of content on Facebook and Instagram. It’s very likely that your customers are posting with or without your interaction. When 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments, having an intentional digital strategy is important to your restaurant or bar. It's doubtless that Facebook is a strong platform for F&B businesses. So to increase the brand awareness and drive the traffic to your stores, you should run the Facebook ads. This is the reason why we've devised a comprehensive guide to assist you in creating a winning Facebook advertisement.

How To Build Interesting Social Contents for your F&B Business

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In today internet world, audiences tend to upgrade themselves to the new content adaptation. It means they now have the 'content filter' before starting to explore specific topics. Moreover, with the same time resource, they would love reaching more contents. So as the marketer of your F&B stores, you should focus on building more interesting and visualize contents through images and videos creating the 6-second impression for your target audience. With this guide in step-by-step, we hope it can support you building impressive contents for your F&B brand.

Who are target audience of your F&B Social Pages?

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The target customer is the common term with all owners & managers in the F&B industry. In another expression, the target customer is the customer type that your F&B businesses plan to serve. Specifying the target customer will have the impact on all of the activities of your businesses: store location, store menu, and store decoration. However, Target Audience is a bit narrower; it refers specifically to the group of people targeted by the content that your brands deliver, in this article context, directed by the social content of your F&B social media.

Facebook Ads Audience Demographic for F&B businesses-Part 1

PR and Marketing F&B Facebook Advertising Marketing Social Media Target Customer Customer Segmentation

Facebook equips business owners with a selection of demographic factors that can be shaped to target the right audience. In this article, we will guide you along the demographic selection process while creating your Facebook Ad: Location, Age Range, Gender, Language, Relationship Status, Education, and Work.

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