Back to school promotion ideas

Students are coming back to town — is your Coffeeshop|Restaurant|Bar having something cool to excite and welcome them? You don’t have to be a famous bar in the university town to have a piece of this back2school business. Back to school starts in the fall, that means big business from students, and teachers. Let’s take advantages of all these additional traffic by approaching students and marketing directly to them, belong with building relationships with institutions themselves. Read on to make some fresh ideas about how you can create more traffic and engage with this customer segment type.

Happy Student - Happy School Lunch

This may sound like a classic marketing concept, but actually, it still works. College is costly, so students have less money to spend on good lunch or entertainment. The idea of printing up student coupons and sending them to schools may not be the optimized way; instead, offer the discount with any valid student IDs. Spread the content about this kind of promotion through social media, and connect directly with the schools themselves to get their support to viral the word right to the students.

  • Offer special promotion (discount, free drink or buy something to get something).
  • For students with student ID card in-store or expand to the special offer for lunch online orders of groups from 5 students to schools.

Back to Schoole Promotion Ideas Student Discount

Best go-to-school friend

There is no surprise that most restaurants will be rushing into the Back to School train right beside you. So it’s time your restaurant|coffee shop needs innovation in the menu to meet go-to-school demands of students. Stand out by creating new breakfast combos along with the special discount for fixed time ranges in the morning.

  • Create and offer the special promotion for new breakfast combos of this back2school season.
  • For customers with student card at the specified time in the morning.

Back to Schoole Promotion Ideas Breakfast Combo

Homework is more entertaining with Pizza

Back to school means back to homework, back to assignments or back to group-studying. So you can create special deals around a specific activity, like homework to encourage students to place online orders. This will develop the habit of dinner eating times regularly.

  • Offer the special promotion for online orders of specific foods or drinks like Pizza, Burger.
  • Customers can send their student Id cards on your online order sites or messengers to verify.  

Your students need your Energy - Don’t forget the meal

Who can forget about the teachers! Back to school is an exciting yet hard-working season of them as well. So you can consider having some promotions dedicated directly to them, like Lunch or Dinner combos at the fixed time of the day with valid teacher I.D cards.

  • Offer the special promotion for lunch or dinner combos or free desserts programs.
  • For teachers with teacher ID cards or delivery orders to teacher rooms of schools.

School-Out - Let’s have Teacher’s Pet Friday Special

After a hard-working week, all teachers of the school usually spend their time to organize parties at schools. So you can consider to offer teacher specials for orders to your local schools – like a “Teacher’s Pet Friday Special” or “Teacher Happy Friday” and encourage the local education community to use these deals. Take it to the next level by creating printing flyers that you can place on the school’s staff room when you deliver an order there.

  • Offer deals or vouchers with the special promotion for the teacher board of schools.
  • Prepare online coupons to send to teachers’ emails or printing flyers to place in the school staff rooms.

Back to Schoole Promotion Ideas Teacher Appreciation

In conclusion, student and teacher groups are potential of your F&B business. So, there is no doubt that Back to School season is one of the "hottest seasons" of the year. Understand student & teacher's needs, find a fresh promotion concept, tell an inspiring story - that all you need to create an attractive back2school promotion and engage with those customer segments. Once they express their excitement for your programs, they will spread the words about your coffee shops, restaurants or bars to their school communities.

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