How To Build Interesting Social Contents

In today internet world, audiences tend to upgrade themselves to the new content adaptation. It means they now have the 'content filter' before starting to explore specific topics. Moreover, with the same time resource, they would love reaching more contents. So as the marketer of your F&B stores, you should focus on building more interesting and visualize contents through images and videos creating the 6-second impression for your target audience. With this guide in step-by-step, we hope it can support you building impressive contents for your F&B brand.

Define Target Audience

Before you start publishing any contents on social media, you should bear in your mind “Share what your audience want to listen, not yours”. If you ignore this stage and keep posting trending contents, your target audience may not feel interested in your social pages. As the result, they leave to find other pages that can impress them and make them feel belong to. Do you want this happen? Moreover, F&B Marketers keep questioning the decreasing of reach numbers in social marketing reports, do they really find out the root cause or just blame on the design or audience?

So that, the target audience definition is the most important stage in building content and it has to be done before you move on to the new stage. Let's go through these below scan questions to sharpen target audience of your restaurant|coffee shop|bar:

  • Who are them?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they usually do on social network?
  • What do they need from your brand?

Develop Concept Idea for Contents

Having the insight of the target audience directs you to identify the role of your brand you should develop. Most of the brands tend to tell everything about their brands but ignore about creating added values for audiences. Thus, those brands not only share brand information but also deliver meaningful contents for their target audience tend to find the popularity on the social network. There are main 3 roles that F&B brands should focus to build:

  • Brand information: menu, promotion, customer reward, event, and contest.
  • Entertainment: game, music or video clip.
  • Additional value information: information in specific subjects giving added value to them: healthy, education, DIY, life tips, life knowledge, etc.

From this, your job now is sharpening this role to inspire and influence your target audience by brainstorming concept ideas for social contents. In more details, concept ideas are big subjects in specific fields that you will explore and follow in a long time to develop contents.

Let's go through this definition by an example. The target audience of your Coffee Shop are students from 18-22, they are young, creative and really dynamic. As a member of the social network, they tend to find entertainment program to relax in their free time, useful information for their future career, meaningful activities for their community. As a follower of your brand, they tend to find promotion & happy hour information, or best suitable foods & drinks. Lifehack, education hack, or impressed life & career sharing are big concept ideas for your coffee shop.

There is still a challenge for this stage, the choice between "quantity and quality" - what do you prefer? To make your brand has the big impact on target audience mind, you should follow 4-5 selective concept ideas in a long-term consistently. The more your focus, the more popular your brand will be. Since your social pages will be the first choice when the target audience need information in these subjects.

Develop Content Library

In every concept idea, you focus on, your next step is exploring to developing the content library. This means you should have the clear content list by narrowing down selected subjects to smaller subjects. Of course, this job is not easy. It require your understanding and researching ability. Listening - Watching - Reading combined with Feeling and Explaining by your way to inspire audiences are daily skills you should build to be the master of this job. Let's go through these below tips to start writing contents:

  • Add emotion you want your target audience feel in contents.
  • Use the way of story telling make your sharing closer.
  • Tell stories by your brand style instead just copy & paste.
  • Have Outline|Keyword mapped with the selected concept idea to make your contents be remembered.
  • Visualize by Image|Video to make contents more exciting and attract audience.
  • Use Hashtag.
  • Have fixed schedule for sharing contents and keep it frequently.
  • Engage with audience by 2-way communication or keep reminding them for the next post.

Design Content

We all know that Image|Video are always genius ways to make your audience engage with your social content. So let’s focus on using stunning designs for your social contents. Keep these basic rules when starting to design your contents:

  • Let's the photo|video say the key message of the content.
  • Avoid using many texts in the design.
  • Right photo|video for right content.
  • Right photo|video dimension for right social post.
  • Always put the logo with the consistency dimension and place in the photo|video.
  • Efficiency design tool to make your photo|video more attractive but do not take many time or resource.

Publish & Keep Moving On

Social content is the 2-way communication so you need to listen your audience feedback through social page report. This will support you to understand more about your audience and continue improving to create higher additional value for your community.

In conclusion, brands always want to seek the popularity in the social network. But do you think this "little wish" is reasonable? As the social media marketer for your F&B brand, your job is finding the suitable subjects to design impressive contents to inspire audiences. Moreover, to engage with audiences, you should not only just publish and get likes by trending posts but also deliver meaningful stories connected to customers' mind. By touching your audiences via useful contents, your F&B brand can sharpen its position as the key influencer in the community. In very few words, it is important to post the right content in the right subject for the right audience.

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