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As the business owner, your primary mission is defining the best efficient way to invest your money that turns out the finest revenue, kinda the high ROI. In another word, it also means doing the right things for the right customers with the right budget. So that if you cannot specify the right customers of your business, whether how valuable your account is, what you do is worthless. Moreover, the 'target customers' term is not imagined pictures in your mind, it should be based on the fact and figure via statistics.

How To Build Interesting Social Contents for your F&B Business

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In today internet world, audiences tend to upgrade themselves to the new content adaptation. It means they now have the 'content filter' before starting to explore specific topics. Moreover, with the same time resource, they would love reaching more contents. So as the marketer of your F&B stores, you should focus on building more interesting and visualize contents through images and videos creating the 6-second impression for your target audience. With this guide in step-by-step, we hope it can support you building impressive contents for your F&B brand.

Who are target audience of your F&B Social Pages?

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The target customer is the common term with all owners & managers in the F&B industry. In another expression, the target customer is the customer type that your F&B businesses plan to serve. Specifying the target customer will have the impact on all of the activities of your businesses: store location, store menu, and store decoration. However, Target Audience is a bit narrower; it refers specifically to the group of people targeted by the content that your brands deliver, in this article context, directed by the social content of your F&B social media.

Facebook Ads Audience Demographic for F&B businesses-Part 1

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Facebook equips business owners with a selection of demographic factors that can be shaped to target the right audience. In this article, we will guide you along the demographic selection process while creating your Facebook Ad: Location, Age Range, Gender, Language, Relationship Status, Education, and Work.

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