The F&B service industry is growing, changing day by day and the customer is likewise now expecting higher. Business owners consistently want to strengthen and promote their businesses' signatures but ignore the concern that: customers just enjoy the signatures through their experience at your restaurants. So it's absolutely that the customer experience is highly prioritized by the customer, thus those businesses that provide a certain level of service experience tend to find the sustainable growth and success. As the system provider, we will reveal key & trending concerns to support you to enhance the customer experience of your F&B business. That is the way we support you to deliver #Signatures. Once you've achieved the great customer experience, you'll drive a connection to the signatures of your business in the customer mind.

How to Organize the Halloween Contest for your F&B Business?

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Halloween – that time of year when everyone gets to dress up and pretend to be something they’re not. Moreover, Halloween is always a big business since this is one of the most exciting and favorite season of the customers. F&B Businesses is also not out of this fact. Hosting a Halloween Party, running Halloween promotion, offering new Menu included foods & drinks dedicated just for this scariest event are typical activities of coffee shops, restaurants, or bars in this season. For whatever activity kind, the F&B business owners purpose to create fresh & unique Halloween experience for their customers, in-the-end to engage with them while having the increasing income. One of Halloween activity kind that supports to not only enhance your F&B brands’ images but engage with customers through inspiring them to join with your stores is Halloween Contest.

Run your F&B Business with Smartphone Today - Manage Inventory Remotely & Continuously

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to run your F&B Businesses, you needed a whole bunch of stuff, a POS machine, a receipt printer, a timekeeper machine, and even an in-store camera. That is not mentioned an expensive computer with a large memory hard drive to store everything about your business data. Everything keeps working until all of your machines meet troubles suddenly.  

Manage on the Go - 5 F&B Data Types, business owner should keep track continuously in a day

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We all know that F&B is one of the most complicated business models. It calls for your throughout and frequent monitoring, especially in business data to have on-time decisions; so what most important data you should keep track continuously in a day?

Back to School Promotion Ideas for F&B Business

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Students are coming back to town — is your Coffeeshop|Restaurant|Bar having something cool to excite and welcome them? You don’t have to be a famous bar in the university town to have a piece of this back2school business. Back to school starts in the fall, that means big business from students, and teachers. Let’s take advantages of all these additional traffic by approaching students and marketing directly to them, belong with building relationships with institutions themselves. Read on to make some fresh ideas about how you can create more traffic and engage with this customer segment type.

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