Run your store with smartphone today - Manage inventory remotely

Once upon a time, if you wanted to run your F&B Businesses, you needed a whole bunch of stuff, a POS machine, a receipt printer, a timekeeper machine, and even an in-store camera. That is not mentioned an expensive computer with a large memory hard drive to store everything about your business data. Everything keeps working until all of your machines meet troubles suddenly.  

The suddenly issues happened to your expensive computers, and oops, all your business data is lost or not be able to access in the temporary time. Or when your staffs need your sudden decision while you are not at your stores, how can you turn out right advice if you do not have enough data in your hands? At these moments, you feel suffered and ask yourself why everything happens when they suppose to be not? But everything always happens for a reason! Since you depend too much on your fixed hardware: the computer. Wrong or late decisions still leads to the damages to your businesses: sales losses, cost increased; having been through all of these painful, do you want to invest in the hardware again?

Now, it’s possible to run your F&B businesses entirely from the one device you probably already have in your daily pocket – your smartphone. You can make sales, monitor operation, evaluate performance or even do your marketing – all from the palm of your hand. Just imagine your F&B stores now is all in your smartphone and you can take “it” to go anywhere with you, is this sound interesting? Of course, this thing cannot happen without the development of cloud-based mobile apps supporting you to stay on top of most of your business right from your smartphone. No more hard memory with the risk of losing all data when it is lost or crashed, you can access all your F&B data at any time you need. In this article, we will focus on how to manage your business operation on Smartphone remotely; the first part is about monitoring inventory & placing on-time purchase orders.

Besides Sales, we all know that Inventory is the most critical function of the F&B businesses. Since it costs about 35% of the total sales value. So that the always concerns of F&B business owners is finding the control way to minimize the losses from the stock cost, or cost-of-goods-sold in another way. This challenge depends on two conditions: 

  • Ingredient Measurement for processed products.
  • The Level of Reserved Stocks.

With the first condition, the most difficult is not about how to measure ingredient, it is all about how to track your ingredient measurement regularly. This supports you to manage inventory strictly to cut down losses day-by-day. With the second condition, to optimize the cost-of-goods-sold, you should have the productive purchase activity to minimize the waste of inventory. In more details, it is required your track on sales revenue by individual products or nearby out-of-stock products to turn out purchase orders, in-the-end to avoid affection for sales.

That why you need a remote approach in monitoring store inventory. With Mobile Management software for F&B in both of installed app or web app, you can take care of the inventory of your stores continuously, even when you are not in your stores. 

You can review the inventory status at any time you want and explore behind reasons if having any remarkable changes. So that, you will have on-time actions such as: modify the ingredient measurement or work with the kitchen staffs to fix food processing issues, in-the-end, to avoid the losses or affection to food quality in the future. Never underrate the importance of this technique, it will enhance your inventory spending performance and service quality.

Moreover, when you have the capability of handling all your F&B business data in your hands at any time required; it’s possible to not have the high stock for ingredients in a long time. Since you can keep track the customer demand based on sales value by specific products to forecast the ingredient in the nearest time; or fulfill nearby out-of-stock products when called for to place on-time purchase orders. No more wasting, no more money losses; it can be said that now you can fully control your spending.

In conclusion, with Mobile Management software for F&B, it's time to say goodbye with the hardware, especially your computer, with their troubles and much money to save time and resource for enhancing customer experience and delivering your brand signatures. Now the whole inventory of your F&B businesses is far more controlled and optimized to the next level - the level of cost efficiency and continuously change to meet the business demands. Your kitchen staffs feel out of the stress about ingredient waste, your customers engage with your brands, your business takes the chance of reducing spending to enhance profit; what stops you from being out of this trend?