Improve the order process - the key to unlock customer satisfaction

In the recent time, POS Online has visited our client’s stores to learn the way they operate their business. And we were amazed at the operation of one of our customers. Only 2 staff have served more than 20 customers at the 800 square meters ground. However, the most impressive part is that the customers did not have to wait for a long time to get their drinks. Both staffs worked extremely efficiently so they still had time to rest after serving. After several hours watching the store operation, we finally realized some of its successful service secrets.

The staff

At the store we visited, even there was no the manager presence and the camera, the staff still focused on the work and they used 100% their capacity in their roles.

When one was taking orders from customers, the other right away made the drinks at the same time. Even at the busy time, they did know how to share the workload and proactively move around the store to serve customers.

It’s not easy to train and manage your staffs who are professional and responsible such like that. So that the key is you should focus on training the staff of your business carefully, your business is near the success than ever.

The menu

The secret also comes from the menu. Have you ever answered these below questions when running your F&B business?

  1. Is your coffee shop’s goal satisfying all the customers or just targeting to some specific groups?
  2. Do your mixing and preparing food equipment meet the demand at peak hours when customers order many kinds of food?
  3. Are you staff trained well enough in preparing food?

By answering those questions, you will know what to put on the menu to make it attractive, appetizing as well as suitable with your store condition.

The importance of the bar layout and design

In order to support your staff to prepare food as quickly as they can or even help your customer to serve by themselves, let’s review if the tools and ingredient are put at the right place so your staff can save a lot of time of moving around the bar to prepare the drinks|foods.

Furthermore, make sure the bartender feel comfortable in their area but still can interact easily with other staff and customers when required.

The role of Point of sale system

With small coffee shops, the business owners often do not have a huge budget for staff hiring. Therefore, sometimes they rely on the POS system to assist them in the operation activity. This system is used to known as a cash register which provides many functions relating to sales and tracking data.

Thanks to the technology advance, POS system is being upgraded every day to catch up the trend and the business demand. One of the latest version is POS Online software which can be operated on any devices connecting to the internet with lots of useful functions and the high-security level.

Your staff will be slowed down if the POS software is not easy to use, smooth and stable. Choosing the right POS software will support you and your staff to save lots of time when processing orders and printing receipts accurately for customers.

Last but not least, the fast service sometimes does not ensure the best service. In order to acquire the new customer and retain the existing one, make sure you can deliver speedy and best quality service as much as you can.