3 tips to run the efficient hiring process

If you have joined the F&B world, you might know how hard is the work of staff recruitment in this industry. The turnover rate is very high compared to some of the other industries, and the staff misbehaviors can sabotage your reputations easily more than you can imagine. Therefore, investing in hiring a great team will definitely bring you the positive reward in terms of profit and customer happiness.

Let's go over three important steps with useful tips which might help you attract and recruit the right person in order to benefit your business in the long run.

Write Concise Job Description

Some people might think that they should not waste much time on this step because there are plenty of job description’s samples on the internet. All they need to do is finding the best one and copying it. That way can work but will never lead you to the best outcome you can get.

The prospective employee will easily disappointed or even angry when they find out there is a huge difference between the job posting and the reality. It could cost you not just only money and time but take the trust of your new hires out of your brand who can possibly be your customers or bring customers to you.

To prevent all the negative results caused by a boring and unclear job description, follow the advice from the expert in this industry: sitting down with your best employee of each position, talk to them to understand what the necessary skills required to master each job and what is the real situation the prospective employee has to handle. This will not only help you have a clear view of what is happening at your store, which specific job your current staff actually do every day but also help you write your own job description to confidently introduce to your community about your recruitment. 

Source Candidate on Different Channels

Good news for the F&B owner is that there is an abundance of sources to find candidates from servers to chefs positions, but the bad news is that it is truly difficult to choose the most suitable among thousands of candidates you have seen or found. To approach as many targeted candidates as possible in the limited time, focus on the appropriate channels to advertise your recruitment and building a good employer brand at the same time.

In the technology time, you should utilize your social media pages such as Fan pages, F&B Jobs Facebook Groups, Twitter to spread the news of the hiring. It is possible that your customers will be super excited to become your employees if they love your brand and the job itself, or they can introduce their friends who are currently looking for the relevant position. Moreover, you can also pay your attention to Facebook Groups - as the supporting communities; members in those can be your future staffs or support you to viral the job posts. Write a short post with including essential details such as work location, time, salary (if possible), deadline for application, etc. And don't forget to make it enjoyable to read or sounds interesting enough to motivate the potential candidates to apply or encourage audiences to share it to their networks.

Besides social network, business owners can post the job (with or without fee) on some recruitment websites, especially those are specifically designed for the F&B service industry. The local newspaper is another channel that many coffee shop|restaurant managers use to advertise their hiring. Furthermore, some big restaurants|coffee shops|bars choose to do a mass recruitment or for important positions by connecting with recruitment agencies and culinary institutions in their local areas to spread the news relating to their recruitment program.

Above all, there is one source which recently has been considered effective than anything else: employee referral source. No one except your staff can understand your culture, your hiring position (if they do the same job), and your skill set required most. As long as they are happy with their work, they can become a voluntary recruiter or ambassador of your brand by persuading their friends to join together their crew without asking for compensation. However, it will be more fair and effective if you reward them an extra bonus when they introduce successfully one candidate from their network. The new hire, the current employee, and the business owner will all benefit from the employee referral program if it is attractive and fair for all sides.

Interview and offer the most suitable one you can find

Firstly, an interview is the final step to understand better about your shortlisted candidates. Therefore, spend most of the time on listening to your candidates to collect enough necessary information you need to judge them. Ask them those questions relating to their previous experience to find out if all the information they put on the resume is real or anything not showed on the CV but can be a critical point in your hiring decision. Assessing skills might be easier than attitudes but at the end of the day, business owners should hire an employee for his|her attitude, not the skills. Skills or experience can be upgraded by training but the attitude is unchangeable in most cases. Moreover, customers can easily forgive if your staff produce not good food as they expected but they will never tell positive things about your place if they are disrespected or have problems with one of your staff behavior. One more thing you can also consider is about the cultural fit. Every F&B business has its own culture that developing and sharpening in such for a long time, so if you ignore this important thing when selecting the candidate, you can hire an unsuitable candidate.

Secondly, when finding the right one, give them the offer as soonest as you can, share with them all the benefit and policy to make them well informed and reassure that they accept the offer without any concern. The current job seekers obviously have many choices so each minute and each dollar you fail to offer will cost you one potential amazing employee for your business. Therefore, research the market and consider your salary budget carefully to make sure your offer not too much uncompetitive or unfair to both sides. After all, to candidates, salary is one of the most key factors strongly influences their decisions of joining a company.

Recruiting staffs may be one of the hardest parts that business owners have to do in their business lives. It must be always kept in mind that employee is the biggest asset because they will produce good food and provide the wonderful experience to your customers. Investing in employees will make your business stay competitive and stable in the long term.