How hard to be a lady boss of a F&B business?

The world is transforming into the new era - the era of focusing on building the gender equality. The women can be busy business bosses and in another angle, the men can be a good housewife. So how hard to be a lady boss of a complicated business in the F&B market? In order to do this, the women have to have the art science belong with the business and management science. So how to overcome all challenges of the F&B market and how to be a happy lady boss?

Overcome all the barriers and self-doubt created by yourself

Starting a business of a coffee shop|restaurant is not the same as other kinds of business. You have to focus on every single detail when starting building your store. So in order to do that, you need to overcome your personal issues:

  1. Your health: forget all about doubts that you can not have enough health as the man, you need to be stronger and healthier to handle all of the work in building your shop from the starting points. That means you always ready to solve all of the hardest jobs.
  2. Your time: optimizing your time will support you to have more time to develop your business. Always having the checklist for your works and organize them into the priority list. Besides that, you also need to share with your family about your business plan to get support from them.

Do not fear the failure

The people always say that the women are weak things of the creation. To be a boss means your staff will look to you for answers.

Terrifying, right and even more terrify when this is your business and your money. But why not focus on the fact that you’re in charge of creating delicious things for the world, to begin with? What amazing things do you want to do while you’re at the helm?

You cannot avoid the conflict, you just need to handle it

To be a boss of a coffee shop|restaurant, you have to deal with many daily issues happened normally in the service industry. And most issues come from the people management: your staff and your customer. Let's handle issues carefully:

  1. Understand the root core of the issue in order to have the suitable and reasonable solution.
  2. Use the sensitiveness of the lady to explain the reason of the issue to your staff or your customer and make them feel satisfied with your solution.
  3. Keep calm in all the situations to handle well the conflict and avoid the unexpected risks.
  4. Build the constructive feedback and develop the engagement with your staffs to and make them stay with your coffee shop|restaurant.

Just be the way you are

Seem too feminine and you come across as vulnerable and unqualified to be accepted. Be less feminine and you’re disliked. As Sheryl Sandberg points out in Lean In: "Little girls who tell others what to do are called “bossy”". The term rarely applies to little boys.

Here’s the thing: you can tailor your behavior to a certain degree, but how feminine you are - or aren’t - has to do with your body language and personal style and speech tone and patterns, and you shouldn’t have to change those things when becoming a boss. The thing you can do is leveraging all of the advantages of a lady to make your business more beautiful, touching and stunning.

Enjoy the life, shine the world and bring delicious things to the customer

Be a lady boss does not mean you can not live your life. Just go with all the favorite things you want to do while keep growing your business. You just one life to live, let's make it become brilliant. Here is the check list for the happy lady boss:

  1. Plan to travel at least 2 times in a year.

  2. Explore more famous drinks|foods and collect unique decor items in cities you travel.

  3. Learn new tools|knowledge to support the business operation of your coffee shop|restaurant.

  4. Plan to organize a special event for your coffee shop|restaurant: DIY, baking, cooking or dancing class.

  5. Build a little garden for your coffee shop|restaurant.

  6. Changing and adapting the new trends happening every day will keep you not outdated.

  7. Do not need to spend the whole time with your business, just make it always go with you. So in order to do this, why not you try the Online Management Software for your coffee shop|restaurant:

    • to support you to manage your business on-the-go.
    • to support you to manage your business and live your life at the same time.
    • to support you to manage your business with less effort and time.

And if you need any support or advice for the online management system, just chat with us on the website, we are here to make you feel relaxed when becoming a lady boss.

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Hey Ladies, start becoming a sexy and brilliant lady boss to shine the F&B market now!