Start up

It's extremely challenging to start up the new F&B business. Build store traffic, retain customers, stable store activities are first jobs-to-be-done for you as the role of the business owner. The key thing is doing the right things for the right people at the right time.

How hard to be a lady boss of a F&B business?

The world is transforming into the new era - the era of focusing on building the gender equality. The women can be busy business bosses and in another angle, the men can be a good housewife. So how hard to be a lady boss of a complicated business in the F&B market? In order to do this, the women have to have the art science belong with the business and management science. So how to overcome all challenges of the F&B market and how to be a happy lady boss?

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Develop the Signature for your F&B business

Foodies have been around forever, but in today’s day and age, competition has reached newer heights. With so many F&B brands vying for the number one spot, what can you do to stand out, if not stand first? A signature that is unique to your brand might just be the right answer to this. Many things come and go everyday but the best signatures will stay long in the customer mind.

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