How to define objective for Facebook Ads campaign?

The first step in constructing a personalized advertisement for your business is selecting an objective. This is the most important step that determines the success of the campaign. As the role of the business owner, you should base on the expectation of yourself when running the campaign to define the suitable goal. Moreover, this objective should also meet the current situation and plans (promotion, new product launch, customer reward, etc.) of the F&B store.

Store situation

  • Pre-store opening: before your store is official opening, you should focus on how to promote the brand awareness to the target customer. This will make your customer curious about your store and save your store in their favorite list to visit. Moreover, this objective will bring the fans and followers to your page. This is one of the most important outcomes to support grand opening activities of your store.

  • Store opening: if your store is recently grand opening, you should pick up the objective that can drive the traffic to your store. To turn out the best result, this objective should be implemented by the grand opening event with promotion program, live music, etc.

  • Low-season: how to maintain the traffic for your store, especially in the low season? If you are in this situation, the most urgent job to be done is about how to survive in the low season. There are 2 ways to overcome this:

    • Build and promote the customer reward program: this activity can keep your business the sustainable revenue from the loyal customers.
    • Run promotion programs or special event: this activity can be used as the conversion point to push the current followers of your fan page to visit your store.
  • Traffic expansion: to increase the traffic to your store, you should define and promote signature things to be outstanding in the market.

Store plan

  • Promotion: with promotion programs such as happy-hour, combo promotion, etc., you should promote them as the offer evaluated by the number of people saving the promotion details.
  • New product launch: if you add the new special product to the menu, you can consider the video ads solution which is the most efficient way to deliver signatures of the new product to the target audience.
  • Event: this is always the most exciting way to create the new experience for your customers. So that the number of people going to your event is the KPI for this kind of activity.
  • Customer reward app: to encourage target customers to install the reward app of your brand, you should combine with the promotion offer when installing the app. To evaluate the performance of this plan, the number of app installs is the suitable KPI.
  • Online order page: to motivate customers to try the online order page of your F&B brands, applying the promotion code on the first order will drive the traffic to your page.

Facebook Ads KPIs

There are 3 groups of Facebook Ads KPIs:


  • Brand awareness: reach people more likely to recall your ads and increase awareness for your F&B brand. This is the number of impressions your ads reach to the target audience.

  • Reach: show your ad to the maximum number of people in your target audience. This is the number of unique people your ads reach to. This KPI is evaluated the number of unique target audience seeing your ads while brand see awareness is evaluated the number of times showing your ads. So that 1 unique people - 1 reach see your ads in 2 times - 2 impression.

  • This kind of objective increases the visibility of your fan page or of a particular post on your page. It operates by promoting your content and raise the awareness amongst your potential customers.


  • Traffic: increase the number of visits to your website or get more people to use your app. This KPI will direct your potential customers to your website or online ordering platform. It is one of the most, if not the most, useful objectives for F&B owners because it encourages your target audience to click the link to your online ordering platform and purchasing your food products.

  • App installs: send people to an app store where they can download your app.

  • Engagement: get more people to see and engage with your post or Page: comments, shares, likes, event responses and offer claims.

  • Post Engagement: use this objective to get the interaction from customers with the particular post on your page.

  • Page Likes: use this objective to increase Facebook page likes, and connect with your potential customers. Promoting your page is especially useful for your new eateries, or if you just launched a new Facebook page. More likes will lead to more people seeing your status updates, hence resulting in higher engagement with your posts.

  • Event Responses: use this objective to promote your store event and get responses from target audiences: interested in or going.

  • Video views: promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand.

  • Conversion: get more people to use your website, Facebook app, or mobile app. To track and measure conversions, use the Facebook pixel or app events. This objective allows you to track how many people purchase your products after accessing your online ordering platform through the Ads. Using the statistics provided by this objective, you can better craft a page that increases the conversion rate on your online ordering platform. Before creating this type of Ads, you need to create a conversion pixel.


To select the suitable Facebook Ads KPI matching with the situation and plan of your F&B store, you can refer the below table:

Store Situation Store Plan Facebook Ads KPI
Pre-store openning Promote Fanpage Page likes. Impression or Reach to increase brand awareness.
Store opening Event Event responses.
Low season Promotion Offer-post engagement to get the promotion save. Or normal promotion post engagement.
Low season Customer reward program Blog or normal post engagement.
Acquire new customer New product launch Post engagement. Video Views.
- Online order page Traffic to the online order page.
- Customer reward app App installs.

To define the suitable ads objective for the Facebook Ads campaign, you should visit the store situation linked with store plans to map with the current Facebook ads KPI. Any unsuitable KPI will lead to the low-performance ads campaign and inefficient business operation. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. We would be delighted to learn of your further ideas and any suggestions for marketing content that you may wish to see on this blog. You can also join POS Online group to share and discuss more on this topic. With all your sharing, we can together increase the performance of ads campaign for our F&B brands.

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