Run your store with smartphone today - Make sales easily and flexibly

Once upon a time, if you wanted to run your F&B Businesses, you needed a whole bunch of stuff, a POS machine, a receipt printer, a timekeeper machine, and even an in-store camera. That is not mentioned an expensive computer with a large memory hard drive to store everything about your business data. Everything keeps working until all of your machines meet troubles suddenly.  

The paper jam of the printer makes cashiers have to wait for so long to print out the customer receipts; the slow performance of the old computer makes sales process not smoothly. All these will turn out the significant impact on your business. Your customers feel not satisfied with your service, they leave you and promise never come back to your stores again! Sales dropped, cost increased; having been through all of these painful, do you want to invest in the hardware again?

Now, it’s possible to run your F&B businesses entirely from the one device you probably already have in your daily pocket – your smartphone. You can make sales, monitor operation, evaluate performance or even do your marketing – all from the palm of your hand. Just imagine your F&B stores now is all in your smartphone and you can take “it” to go anywhere with you, is this sound interesting? Of course, this thing cannot happen without the development of cloud-based mobile apps supporting you to stay on top of most of your business right from your smartphone. No more hard memory with the risk of losing all data when it is lost or crashed, you can access all your F&B data at any time you need. In this article, we will focus on the most critical part of F&B business - Sales on Mobile.

Mobile Point-of-sale

Your staffs now all have smartphones, so it’s very flexible and convenient for them to use the point-of-sale application on their mobiles. Currently, there are many solutions for Mobile POS in both of installed app or web app; they have been optimized the interface based on the user experience to support your staffs easily and quickly process sales orders.  

To emphasize the power of Mobile POS, let’s take a look with this true story. Suddenly, your cashier who is in charge of creating and processing sales orders has something trouble, and she cannot do her jobs as usual, who can replace her when many tables need to be checked out at the same time? If your point-of-sale is an offline software, it’s not easy for your staffs to get to know it. However, with an easy-of-use mobile POS, all other teams can take this role from her. Your waitress, even your manager or kitchen staffs can make sales orders with their smartphones. Eventually, it’s possible you don’t need a headcount for the cashier position anymore.

Running the complicated business model like F&B, especially in the current competitive market, you always have to face many unexpected issues in operation. So it is required the flexibility in your process to address them quickly; in the end to make customers stay with you.


Printing customer receipt is supposed to be an essential part of the sales process in restaurants. However, what its roles? Double-check detailed information of sales orders to process the payment, save for claiming back or goods return; that’s all its possible meaning. More than half of customers leave their receipts on the table after checking out and taking off restaurants. They only need to save the bills for the business purpose claiming back to their companies. Don’t you think printing bill is entirely a wasteful activity?

Thanks for the development of QR code and digital invoice, with the solution of eBill, now your teams can send the online receipt to customers’ phones from their Mobile POS directly! Even more, this approach can make your customer more than happy by supporting them easily search for the bill when needed. No more paper jam, no more paper waste, no more printer; this change can prove its potential for making your sales operation more efficient and friendly!             

Online Food Delivery Apps

It's doubtless that the Internet makes people living more convenient. Now you can stay at home to place any things from around the world delivered to your house. The F&B market is also not out of this trend. Customers only need to visit online food delivery apps to search for their favorite meals, after a couple of minutes, all their needs are right at their doors.

Let's see this trend in the positive angle; it can support to not only make your restaurants more popular to new potential customers but create the convenient way for your current customers to enjoy their favorite things at your places.

Some food delivery services have provided the merchant apps for restaurants to instantly get the orders on your phones. With others, before coming to your places, the delivery guy may call or text messages for your teams to place and process orders. All your staffs need is creating sale orders on their mobiles, communicating with the kitchen to prepare the foods, giving the meals for the delivery guy, and finally sending eBill to his phone. This whole process is all processed in just one Smartphone!

It can be said that with this trend, you even don't need to build and maintain your in-house online order website at a much cost; but may not turn out the best performance than online food delivery services.

In conclusion, with Mobile Point-of-sale including the eBill solution, it's time to say goodbye with the hardware, with their troubles and much money to save time and resource for enhancing customer experience and delivering your brand signatures. Now the whole sales process of your F&B businesses is far more optimized and upgraded to the next level - the level of flexibility and convenience. Your staffs feel out of the stress, your customers engage with your brands, your business takes the chance of increasing sales revenue; what stops you to be out of this trend?