eBill - also named digital receipts is the solution for 'no printed bill'. It allows companies to reduce costs over time and increase efficiency at the cashier. With this solution, the eBill will be sent directly to the customers' phone, email, or message so they can easily save or access when needed. Moreover, the eBill also support the more quickly & smoothly sale process by removing the dependence to the printer hardware.

Run your F&B Business with Smartphone Today - Make Sales Easily and Flexibly

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to run your F&B Businesses, you needed a whole bunch of stuff, a POS machine, a receipt printer, a timekeeper machine, and even an in-store camera. That is not mentioned an expensive computer with a large memory hard drive to store everything about your business data. Everything keeps working until all of your machines meet troubles suddenly.  

Let's Go Green by removing plastic & paper in your F&B Businesses

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From plastic straws to paper menus, paper receipts; restaurants and coffee shops produce quite a bit of trash - the industry average is an incredible 100,000 pounds per year. Applying innovation to reduce paper, plastic, and polystyrene use can reduce landfill waste, change our air quality, and improve public health, without a significant impact on your wallet. It's time your F&B businesses should make changes to protect the future environment for the future better world.

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