Quick Service POS

The quick service restaurant is one which is focused on providing customers with foods and drinks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The quick-service restaurants are normally takeaway coffee shops or fast food restaurants. The sale process is also quicker and simpler than the full-service restaurant: the customers go to the cashier, place the order, make the payment then receive the dish and leave. So that the sale operation has key highlights: Do not have the queue, Process the payment before printing the bill for the customer, and Print the bill for the customer and for bar/kitchen at the same time. POS Online provides the point-of-sale solution that meets the operational requirements of the Quick Service Restaurant.

Manage on the Go - 5 F&B Data Types, business owner should keep track continuously in a day

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We all know that F&B is one of the most complicated business models. It calls for your throughout and frequent monitoring, especially in business data to have on-time decisions; so what most important data you should keep track continuously in a day?

Run your F&B Business with Smartphone Today - Make Sales Easily and Flexibly

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to run your F&B Businesses, you needed a whole bunch of stuff, a POS machine, a receipt printer, a timekeeper machine, and even an in-store camera. That is not mentioned an expensive computer with a large memory hard drive to store everything about your business data. Everything keeps working until all of your machines meet troubles suddenly.  

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