POS - Create sales orders

We know that creating new sale orders is the most thing you care about when starting the new POS system. This guide will show you steps to quickly creating new sale orders.

Input table/guest

Select predefined table name from the list or input guest name.


Add products

Select products to add into order.


Input other info

Input Discount, Extra, Prepaid by percentage or absolute amount.

Input loyal customer information.

Input other remark (delivery address, notes, etc.).

Input sale tag and customer segmentation.


Bill & Payment

Click on "Bill" to print paper bill or share eBill to customer.

Select payment method and click on "Finish".



Share eBill or Print paper bill

Enable "eBill" if you want to share eBill (via QR code, chat apps) instead of printing paper bills for customers.

It is kinda "GoGreen" solution so that you can save papers as well as save money from buying printer.


Tax or Service charge

Enable "VAT/GST" or "Service charge" if your store has the VAT/GST and Service charge, and input the percentage number in the next following box.

Tax or Service charge amount will be added on top of the total payment.