POS Online provides 6 types of Sales statistics: by Product/Category/Account/Customer/Customer Target/Tag.

Each type of statistics will have each meaningful insight for each activity or plan of your business such as promotion plan, advertising plan, or operational plan.


Statistics by products

This report is the sale performance of your business by-products for sale.

With this kind of report, you can have useful information about your products to recommend for customers through the menu:

  • best-selling products: top products having the best sales quantity
  • combo: build favorite combo products (drink + food) by combining foods and beverages having the best sales quantity.

You can also base on the performance of each product for sale to run promotion programs that can increase sale performance or engage with customers.

  • if you want to run the promotion to excite your customers, you should select the products having the highest sales quantity. Since they are customers' favorite products and this will make the promotion more attractive instead of selecting products which are not favorite of customers. Notes: to select a suitable time for this kind of promotion, you should find out the timing of having the highest sales value for the promotional product. With this demo data: Happy Friday: discount 20% for Mocha or Latte from 9 am to 10 am.
  • if you want to promote products having the lowest sales quantity but turning out the high profit on every single product; you should create the combo promotion. In more details, you can combine this kind of product with products having high sales quantity. With this demo data: when order Latte or Mocha, get 20% discount on Super Energy Combo.

If you want to run the promotion to introduce the new product, you should select the time range having a high sales quantity to run the promotion (high traffic). You can also combine the new product with the best-selling products to apply the combo or free sample promotion. With this demo data: Try the unique flavor come to town: Latte + Peach cake = $ Latte.

If you want to run the social advertising, you should select best-selling or signature products as the theme for the content.

To have the accurate for the analysis, you should use data of the latest three months. Besides that, the customer behavior might be affected by the seasonality, so that to define the suitable programs for the season of the current year, you should use the data of the same period in last year.

Statistics by categories

This report is the sale performance of your business by categories of products for sale.

You can use this kind of report to add the new product to the menu. To find out the new suitable product for the menu, you should base on potential product categories having a high sales quantity and also value. So, you can create new flavors, size, topping, etc. product for this kind of category. With this demo data: you can add the new types/flavors of cocktail to the Phin Cafe category.

Statistics by staff accounts

This report is the sale performance of your business by staff accounts.

If you have created staff accounts based on the working shifts of the staffs (for examples: morning, afternoon and night shifts), this data is essential for monitoring the operation performance of every working shift.

You should monitor this data month-by-month to rearrange the working schedule of staffs to meet the requirement of the store operation timely.

Statistics by customers

This report is the sale performance of your business by customers (in the customer list).

You should use this data monthly to filter the customers contributing the highest sales value. So, you can run a particular customer program besides the regular customer reward program.

Statistics by customer targets

This report is the sale performance of your business by specific customer targets. This data is essential for defining the target customer of your store.

You should collect and use this data to understand the customer targets to support advertising or social media plans.

Statistics by tags

This report is the sale performance of your business by sale tag.

This data is essential for tracking the performance of some custom program of your coffee shop/restaurant: Promotion, Happy Hour, Online Food Delivery Service, etc.