Create categories

Firstly, we create list of categories.


Add different prices

You can add as many different prices as you want. For every price you've added, the system will create the new secondary product (with the remark as the suffixes on the name) corresponding to each price.


Select product type

For each business model, we need to select proper type for each product.


Measure ingredients/raw materials

Search and select ingredients (product for purchase) of the product: input the name of the ingredient to get the search result or click on to view the list of the available ingredients.

Add the quantity of the ingredient by inputting the absolute quantity or the ratio (if Ratio = 1/20: it means, for example you will need 1/20 of 1kg Coffee for 1 Americano or 1 kg Coffee can make 20 Americano). The quantity will be updated based on the ratio you input.

Sales product is Stock product

Those are products without processing at your restaurant/coffee shop such as: soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Lavie, etc.), Snacks, etc.

When selecting this product kind, the system will automatically create the corresponding product for purchase with the same name in products for purchase list. These products in product for purchase list are belonging to "Sale product "category.


The combo will have properties of products belonging to the combo.

Booking instance

These products are used for accommodation booking such as hotel room. For example, we create a product is "Seaview Room" then we add booking instances: "SEA-R01, SEA-R02, SEA-R03...".