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We all love traveling and going around the world. So we really do not want our customers to spend their whole time with their businesses. With this mission, we want to viral the new management style: 'Manage and Travel' to the F&B and Accommodation community. Bring your business to go with you on the journey of exploring the world, this is the lifestyle you should try.

How hard to be a lady boss of a F&B business?

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The world is transforming into the new era - the era of focusing on building the gender equality. The women can be busy business bosses and in another angle, the men can be a good housewife. So how hard to be a lady boss of a complicated business in the F&B market? In order to do this, the women have to have the art science belong with the business and management science. So how to overcome all challenges of the F&B market and how to be a happy lady boss?

Key factors to make the F&B and Retail business more hi-tech

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To gain a position in a tensile competition and constantly changeable market, the managers|owners of the F&B business have to rethink the 4P model and apply something more innovative and appropriate with the new customers’ behavior and new business model.

POS Online and remote management, have you tried?

Manage and Travel Cloud POS POS Online Web Base POS F&B POS Mobile POS Tablet POS Manage & Travel

With the significant growth of Internet today, people’s habit is gradually shifting from Offline to Online. We usually use the phrase ”Are you online?” with our friends, our associates in our daily life. And as the role of the manager or owner of your F&B business, are you managing everything Online?

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