by M | Aug 27 2019
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Maybe this is the 1st time to hear about non-hardware POS solution, especially if you are an owner of a coffee shops, restaurant or retail business. It's not really a new thing or a big deal. Instead, it's just a new practice to take advantage of technology to eliminate the needs of hardware. It means you can save money & efforts. Does it sound good?
What is non-hardware POS solution?

If you were going to open a coffee shop yesterday, here was the list of hardware pieces you would need to prepare properly:

  1. A POS machine for cashier to input & keep track the orders.
  2. A screen or printer to send the orders to kitchen/bar staffs.
  3. Another printer to print bills.
  4. A POS reader (registerd by a bank) to accept credit card payments.
  5. Bla bla bla...

Okay, and if you are going to open a coffee shop today, here is what you may want to try instead:

  1. All your staffs have cell phone right? So they can just use it to to input & keep track the orders.
  2. Use Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype or whatever chat app to communicate with kitchen/bar staffs.
  3. Share bills to customers by using e-bill on cell phone again then they can scan QR code to get a copy.
  4. They will properly do payment via e-wallet.

So you can see it's not the furture at all, it's already happening and bring a lot benefits to the business owners today - thank to the outstanding growing of technology.

It looks like POS Online is the 1st software product company that's trying to introduce non-hardward practice to coffee shop, restaurant & retail businesses. We have not complete our solution yet, for sure...but it would be our key mission in next few years.

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