POS Online and remote management, have you tried?

With the significant growth of Internet today, people’s habit is gradually shifting from Offline to Online. We usually use the phrase ”Are you online?” with our friends, our associates in our daily life. And as the role of the manager or owner of your F&B business, are you managing everything Online?

How is your management style when you shift it from Offline to Online?

Honestly, the operation of your F&B stores will stop running if your POS machine has troubles in a few minutes. Have you ever evaluated the loss of “a few minutes” like that? So firstly, with the Online management system, you will never have to depend on the POS machine or any kinds of computers.

Besides that, with POS machines or any offline systems, you have to stay awake at your F&B stores to manage the daily business and solve urgent issues. So when you go Online, secondly, you will go with the flexible management style.

Go with POS Online, go with the remote management style

If you want to get rid of all above barriers, let’s go with the Online management style to sell your products and manage your F&B stores.

  1. Go with POS Online - go with easy-to-go POS system: just by only one account, you can sell and manage your F&B stores on any devices: computer, smartphone or tablet. So you can connect to your business at any time in everywhere even when you are somewhere outside the stores.

  2. Go with POS Online – go with the online business: just in one system, you can get all functions to support you to manage your business comprehensively and tightly. When you are with POS Online, you can make the accurate decision on time.

    • Online/Offline Point-of-Sale.
    • Reservation management.
    • Customer Segmentation analysis.
    • Customer Loyalty program.
    • Ingredient & Stock control.
    • Real-time visual reports.

The online service with only one account – say no with hardware investment – say no with the risk of data loss, they are what you can get when you choose the Online management style.