Tablet POS

With Tablet Point-of-sale including the eBill solution, it's time to say goodbye with the hardware, with their troubles and much money to save time and resource for enhancing customer experience and delivering your brand signatures. Now the whole sales process of your F&B businesses is far more optimized and upgraded to the next level - the level of flexibility and convenience. Your staffs feel out of the stress, your customers engage with your brands, your business takes the chance of increasing sales revenue; what stops you being out of this trend?

Key factors to make the F&B and Retail business more hi-tech

Manage and Travel Cloud POS F&B POS Online Web Base POS Tablet POS Mobile POS Retail

To gain a position in a tensile competition and constantly changeable market, the managers|owners of the F&B business have to rethink the 4P model and apply something more innovative and appropriate with the new customers’ behavior and new business model.

POS Online and remote management, have you tried?

Manage and Travel Cloud POS POS Online Web Base POS F&B POS Mobile POS Tablet POS Manage & Travel

With the significant growth of Internet today, people’s habit is gradually shifting from Offline to Online. We usually use the phrase ”Are you online?” with our friends, our associates in our daily life. And as the role of the manager or owner of your F&B business, are you managing everything Online?

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