July marketing event calendar

Finally, the July is coming to bring for us the spirit of freedom and the freshness of summer. "What will we share today, How to excite our audiences?" are always challenges we have to deal with every day as the role of marketers, content planners. Our job is not entirely to make our brand outstanding on the social media but perform the influencer role to build added value things for our community. Thus, if we see our job from this angle, everything we do will become more meaningful and closer to the audience. With this July Event Calendar including big anniversary days, promotion and happy hour event ideas, we hope you can leverage to impress and influence your target audiences and also customers. 

by LiLi | Jun 29 2018
Share to be Shared - The best way to light up our community!
July marketing event calendar

What makes July?

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July - The dedicated Month for Ice-cream

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Say no Plastic Today for the Better Future

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Summer Rock Happy Hour Party, why not?

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Every Menu of the Day has it owns Audience

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Enjoy the Freedom Spirit at our Restaurant

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2018 July Marketing Event Calendar by F&B Signatures.

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