How To Use Sales Data of Your F&B Business to Support other Plans?

by LiLi | Jun 21 2018
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As the owner of the F&B owner, you have many decisions to make day-by-day. How to optimize the performance of the advertising campaign, how to make the attractive promotion, how to reduce waste and lost? Moreover, the challenge is not only about building plans but finding the efficient way to turn out the best outcomes for the business. Of course, there is no better way to start writing a good plan by understanding what is going on in your business. Without business insights, your plan may do the wrong thing for the wrong customer. In this article, we will focus on how to leverage sales data for making promotion programs, advertising campaigns, and other activities for F&B business.
How To Use Sales Data of Your F&B Business to Support other Plans?

#1. Plan Promotion Programs

Before we go deep into the benefit of your sales statistics to the promotion program, let's go through with this question: do you set any goals for the promotion of your coffee shop|restaurant|bar? This is the multiple choice question, you can select 1 or many answers.

  • Just for fun, why so serious?
  • My customers like promotion.
  • In the low season, the promotion can help to maintain the business revenue.

For whatever answers you select, your focus is always customer-oriented. It means you just run promotion programs that can excite and motivate your customers to purchase more at your store. There are 4 hidden things creating the promotion for F&B business:

  • Product: what is the most suitable product for the promotion?
  • Time: what is the most suitable time for the promotion?
  • Condition: how can your customers get the promotion?
  • Content: how can your customers get inspired by the promotion?

There is no better source can give the best suitable answer for you than data of your business:

  • Product ➡️ Sales Statistics by Product.
  • Time ➡️ Sales Statistics by Hour of Day or by Day of Week.

However, having the sales data is just the beginning step, understanding what the data wants to tell with you is much more importation. Thus, every angle of your data will turn out every insight that can support every objective for your promotion program:

ObjectiveSales by ProductSales by Hour of DaySales by Day of Week
Excite customersSelect top products having best sales quantityHour having best sales quantityWeek Day having best sales quantity
Promote new productsMake Combo promotion by combining with top products having best sales quantityHour having best sales quantityWeek Date having best sales quantity
Push sales for products having high profitMake Combo promotion by combining with top products having best sales quantity__

#2. Add New Products into Menu

New product launch is always one of the best ways to refresh your stores. It does not only excite your customers but supply new trending demands that really matter to them. So that, to select the new flavor for current products or create the new product, you should scan these below questions:

  • How to find out the favorite products of customers?
  • What is the most suitable category for this product?

Again, the data of your business will give you insights for these questions:

  • You should just add and promote the new product when it gets the attention of your customer. So that, the new product should belong to the category that getting the highest sales quantity since your customers really show their interest in this kind of product.
  • You should select products that have the success with current flavors to create the new flavor. Of course, there is no better product to develop the new flavor than the product having the best sales quantity.

#3. Run Advertising

When running the advertising campaign for your F&B business on the social media, defining the target audience and the content are two steps you should get the support from the data:

  • The target audience you want to promote your brands to should be the current customer segments of your stores. In more details, they are customers who contribute the most sales value for your business.

    • Who are they: gender, age.
    • How do they experience the service at your stores: by single, by couple, by group or by family.
  • The product you want to base on to develop the theme for the advertising content should be best-selling or signature products.

#4. Rearrange Working Shift

How do you know the high traffic time of your stores to arrange the waitresses? How do you allocate the staff resources for all working shifts? These kinds of questions are very important to optimize the cost and the efficiency of the operation of your stores. Since you can save the labor cost for low traffic time range and supply more staffs to enhance the service for the high traffic time range since most of your customers usually visit your store at these times. There are two ways to define the high and low traffic time range:

  • Based on the sales statistics by hour of day to group time ranges that having the highest and lowest sales quantity.
  • Normally, the POS system allows you to create staffs accounts based on working shifts. So that, you can use the sales statistics by staff accounts to monitor that having the highest and lowest sales quantity.

You should monitor this month-by-month to rearrange the working schedule of staffs to meet the requirement of the store operation timely.

#5. Design Special Customer Reward Programs

Besides the normal customer reward program, you should also define the customer groups that contribute the most of sales value for your F&B business.