Develop the Signature for your F&B business

Foodies have been around forever, but in today’s day and age, competition has reached newer heights. With so many F&B brands vying for the number one spot, what can you do to stand out, if not stand first? A signature that is unique to your brand might just be the right answer to this. Many things come and go everyday but the best signatures will stay long in the customer mind.

by LiLi | Jan 16 2018
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Develop the Signature for your F&B business

A special brand personality is going to be extremely important in the 21st century. The biggest challenge for you as a service operator is to clearly own a place in the mind of the customer. Someone has said that: "Each person’s signature is unique and authentic. It is a symbol of your identity and is the mark that you use to represent yourself to the world".

So that the signatures of the F&B brand are what the customers can remember when they think of the brand. Or they are distinctive points which make your brand be noticed and be reminded when the customer having the demand in the service category. Besides that, the signatures also make the customers pay attention to your brand so this will encourage the customer to share and review your brand for their friends and the community.

But how to make the signatures of your brand be impressed, be noticed to be remembered? Visualizing the signatures of your F&B brand by the Wall Painting might just be the right answer to this. Let's check how:

Inspire the customers

The Wall Painting as a part of the physical environment of the restaurant|coffee shop has a great influence on the image of the brand and can act positively or negatively for the customer perception of the brand image. The term atmospherics was used to describe the conscious designing of space that will eventually create certain effects in buyers and affect their behavior.

It can be said that the walls and pictures all over the place are its most eye-catching feature that keeps customers coming back for more. So the Wall Painting is just like the unique interior design in the restaurant|coffee shop should then create unique experience or emotion for the customer and make him want to come back, as for the design can be oriented to “stay longer and motivate to enjoy more foods and drinks”.

Besides that, studies have shown that colors can actually impact the food choices of the customers, and also affect the amount of money they spend in a restaurant|coffee shop. Different colors stimulate different emotions and can heavily impact feelings of hunger and thirst in customers. And of course, the Wall Painting should be the best suitable choice to create the colorful artwork.

Moreover, the Wall with the stirring pictures that illustrating signatures of the F&B brand can make the customers engage with the story of the brand. This also makes the customers emotionally and create the sympathy with your brand for the customers. And the connection between your brand and the customers' mind is opened. In the end, your brand can achieve greater mental availability - the key to the brand success.

Provide the spiritual values

"Art changes people, and people changes the world" and “A picture is a poem without words”. If the customers just come to your restaurant|coffee shop to enjoy the good breakfast or the delicious meal, how can they stay long with your brand? Someday, they will find other brands to enjoy the different taste because they do not feel any other things except your foods and drinks.

But the art can make them stay. Since when coming to your restaurant|coffee shop, they can find spiritual values making their life more plentiful. The soulful wall with an inspiring story will make the F&B brand more human and decrease the boring feeling for the customers. The power of the Wall Painting is the moment that you do not need to say any words, your audience can feel the behind story of your brand.

Create the added values

Creating the great service experiences is the new marketing trend in the 21st century. In the competitive F&B market, the customers are now demanding more and the business owners always need to find the various ways to satisfy their needs. They do not want to come to your restaurant|coffee shop to just enjoy the foods|drinks anymore, they need the other added values. One of the other added values is the need of selfie and social contents sharing. Since the age of Social Media, the customers tend to share the service enjoying moments and this is becoming one of their needs that they require when coming to a coffee shop|restaurant.

So we can find the connection between satisfying the above customer need with the role of Wall Painting. The Wall Painting can be the Selfie corner for the customers. With the unique and lively design, the Wall Painting can encourage the customers to take pictures in your restaurant|coffee shop. This can make the customer feel satisfied with the service experiences as well as create the fun and memorable moments.

That is the way your brand can create the added values and other service experiences for the customers.

Make the F&B brand go viral

Firstly, this angle is the consequence of the #3. After taking pictures with the Wall Painting, as the part of the social life, the customers will share them on their social pages for their social friends. This is the first step to make your F&B brand go viral. The friends of the customers give the heart or wow for the pictures, so the customers share the service experience in your restaurant|coffee shop excitedly. Then the friends of the customers go to your restaurant|coffee shop to explore the Wall Painting to create the next stunning pictures. That is how the viral goes on. The key of this is about creating the Wall Painting design as the desired points to attract the new customers.

Secondly, the Wall Painting telling the signature story of the F&B brand will motivate customers to review and recommend for the community such as Tripadvisor, Facebook, Social Group, etc. This is the way the Wall Painting makes the customers remember your F&B brand when they come back home. Since the customers have the fragile memory, they can not remember to imagine of your F&B brand if the brand does not have any "noticed-special-unique" pictures. This is especially true for the visitors who travel to the location of your F&B brand, they have visited many places so they will remember the places having the most impressive pictures for their travel review blog.

Increase the brand awareness

One of the angles that affecting the performance of the advertising and the social content on the social media is the key media assets of the F&B brand. The brand with the signature story will attract the social audiences. So with the Wall Painting, you can use as the media method to deliver the brand story to the target audience. With the thousand of advertisings and social contents, the audiences see every day, the unique Wall Painting images can catch the attention of the audiences.

Moreover, the Wall Painting with the unique design is also one of the key distinctiveness of the F&B brand. The customers can recognize the brand due to this different point.

In conclusion, to be outstanding and attractive, the F&B brand needs to be unique. To be unique, the brand needs to be remembered and recognized. To be remembered, the brand needs to create the impressive images. And the Wall Painting can be the art way to tell #Signatures of the brand.

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