Order Process

Do you know what is the front line that impresses your customers in the first moment they visit your restaurant? Those are the staffs and the order process. The customers will totally disengage with your restaurant when they receive the annoyance on your staffs' faces or the messy in your process. This is the explanation for the importance of the sale operation in your restaurant. You should have and retain the smooth, stable and effective sale operation.

Improve the order process - the key to unlock customer satisfaction

In the recent time, POS Online has visited our client’s stores to learn the way they operate their business. And we were amazed at the operation of one of our customers. Only 2 staff have served more than 20 customers at the 800 square meters ground. However, the most impressive part is that the customers did not have to wait for a long time to get their drinks. Both staffs worked extremely efficiently so they still had time to rest after serving. After several hours watching the store operation, we finally realized some of its successful service secrets.

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