Inventory | Monitor and adjust Inventory

The below guide will show you steps to manage and adjust the inventory.

Notes: Only accounts having the "In Stock" role in the Inventory section can manage and adjust the inventory.

Open "Inventory" menu and Select "In stock"

Step 1: Manage In stock data

The In-stock page will display all information about the currently available stock of all purchase products:

  • (1a): the current quantity has increased vs the last time.
  • (1b): the current quantity has decreased vs the last time.
  • Inventory price: POS Online system is currently calculating the inventory price based on the weighted average costing method.
  • Last quantity (2a) before having change, the variant quantity (2b) and the changing time (3).
  • You can export the in-stock data by an excel or pdf file.

En 48 1 Retail Inventory MonitorInventory

Step 2: Adjust inventory manually:

  • To use this function of POS Online, make sure you've enabled "Allow to update inventory" option in the inventory settings. Visit this article for more details: Configuration.

  • With this option, you can edit the in-stock data:

    • Select the product you want to edit.
    • Select "Update" to edit the in stock data and input the new quantity in the pop-up window; then click on "Submit" to save the updated data or "Reject" to cancel the update.
    • Select "Delete" to delete this product out of the stock.

    En 48 2 Retail Inventory MonitorInventory