Sale | Manage Sale orders

The below guide will show you steps to manage, update and delete sale orders.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Sale orders" role in the Sale section can manage, update and delete sale orders.

Open "Sale" menu and Select "Sale orders"

Step 1: Manage sale orders

The Sale order page will display all information of sale orders.

  • Select timing you want to get sale orders information: Today|This week|This month or any custom time range (not greater than 100 days).
  • All sale orders with their details will be displayed.
  • You can export the sale order data to an excel file or pdf file.

En 16 1 F&B&Accommodation Sale ManageSaleOrder

Step 2: Update or delete sale orders

  • Select the sale order you want to review to open the sale order detail window.
  • If you want to update the transaction date, input the new date then click on "Save". Note: the system will update the sale statistics based on the updated transaction date.
  • If you want to delete the sale order, click on "Delete"; the confirmation pop-up window will be opened, select Submit to confirm the deletion or Reject to cancel the deletion.
  • Notes: the system will update the inventory data by increasing products for purchase which are relevant to products for sale in the deleted sale orders

En 16 2 F&B&Accommodation Sale ManageSaleOrder

En 16 3 F&B&Accommodation Sale ManageSaleOrder