Inventory | Create and edit Products for Purchase

The below guide will show you steps to update the purchase price for the products and create other products for purchase.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Products for purchase" role in the Manage section can create products for purchase list.

Open "Manage" menu and Select "Products for purchase"

1. For purchase products are also sale products:

  • When creating these sale products, the system automatically creates the corresponding products for purchase with the same name in products for purchase list.
  • These products are belonging to "Sale product" category.
  • You just need to add the price for these products. Select the product you want to add the price; then input the price and click on "Save".

En 42 1 Retail Inventory CreatePurchaseProduct

2. For other purchase products:

Step 1: Create Product category

  • From the Products for purchase page, click on "Category".
  • Once you've clicked on "Category", the category window will be opened.
  • Fill the new product category‚Äôs name.
  • Once you've completed, select "Add" to create the new product category, "Reset" to clear the recently added information or "X" to navigate back to the Products for purchase page.

En 42 2 Retail Inventory CreatePurchaseProduct

Step 2: Create Product for purchase

Fill below information to add a new product for purchase:

  • Name (required). Notes: you should also note the unit of the product for purchase in the name so that you can input the accurate quantity of this product when creating the purchase order.
  • Price (required). Notes: you can input the integer or decimal number based on the configuration in the setting page.
  • Category (required): select the category from the list or click on "Category" to add the new one as in Step 3.
  • Description (optional).

Once you've completed adding information for the new product for purchase, select "Add" to create the new product for purchase, "Reset" to clear the recently added information.

En 42 3 Retail Inventory CreatePurchaseProduct