Sale | POS - Add Tags to Sales Orders to create & manage custom information

Depend on the business requirements; there are always other specialized information types besides general information, the reatil business owners wish to add to the sales orders to track and monitor. For example, now we have many E-commerce websites, what is the best platform providing the most of traffics to consider for investing in promotion programs to push sales? What types of Promotion programs, the customers would love to get? It can be said that these information types are essential for the internal store operation but not necessary for the customer receipts. Typically, they are names of sales staffs for tracking sales commission, promotion types (voucher, deal) or notes for customer service.

However, what if we need to add many different information types in sales orders? Creating various custom fields for specific information types - is it an easy-of-use and optimized way? Remarkably, some information types are just used for the certain periods and will be replaced for the next periods based on the business plans.

With Sales Tags, you can remark other information types for the sales orders without being displayed on the sales receipts; and filter sales orders by specific Tags easily. Besides that, you can flexibly remove Tags when no longer use or quickly create new Tags when urgently needed. The below guide will show you steps to use Sales Tags.

What types of information you should add Tags?

  • Sales Staff: names of Sales Staffs to track commission.
  • Promotion Type: Voucher, Member Card, Deal or Normal store promotion.
  • Online Sales Order Types: Orders through Website or Social Channels, Orders through E-commerce sites. 

Add Tags for Sales Orders

  • Create or Edit Sales Tags in Point-of-sale (POS) screen:

    • Notes: Only accounts having the "Sale orders" role in the Sale section can create, edit or delete Tags.
    • Click on (1) to open the Tag window, input the Tag name in (2) then click on “Add” to create a new Tag or “Reset” to clear the recently added information. Notes: to easily search for Tags to add to Sales Orders, you should add the name of the tag type as the prefix of the name Tag. (3) will be displayed all Tags.
    • To update name or delete Tag, select the Tag you want to process (4), delete the old name to replace a new one in (5), then click on “Save” to update Tag name or “Delete” to delete Tag. Notes: when edit Tag name, all of historical Sales Orders with the old Tag name will be updated to the new Tag name.

Sale Create Tag for Sale Order 1

Sale Create Tag for Sale Order 2

  • Add or Remove Tags in Sales Orders:

    • Create Sales Order as usual.
    • Search and select Tags you want to add to Sales Order (1).
    • All added Tags will be displayed in (2) right beside the customer segment information.
    • To remove added Tags, click on “x” right after Tags you want to remove.

Sale Create Tag for Sale Order 3

Sale Create Tag for Sale Order 4

Filter Sales Orders by Tags

  • In the Sales Orders page, you can check the list of Sales Orders with detailed ìnormation included Tags.
  • To search Sales Orders by specific Tag, input the Tag name in (1), the search result will be displayed in (2).

Sale Create Tag for Sale Order 5

Sale Create Tag for Sale Order 6