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With POS Online Web App on Mobile, you can create Sales orders, update Sales orders' statuses and print the eBill for customers. The below guide will show you steps to do these.

Notes: Only accounts having the "POS - Point - of - sale" role in the Sale section can create sale orders.

Open "POS" menu and Select "POS"

Create new Sale order

Fill below information to create a new Sale order:

  • Tap on (1) to find and add products for sale to the Sale order. There are two ways to select products for sale:

    • Select the suitable category of products for sale (1a), then select products for sale from the recently selected category (1c).
    • Find and select in (1b), the search result will be displayed in (1d).

Select Products

  • Tap on (2) to increase the quantity of added products for sale or adjust the price of products for sale:

    • Price (2a): the price will be shown right after products for sale name.
    • Quantity: tap on (2b) to increase the quantity of added products for sale
    • Change product price (2c) (optional): this option is or is not visible that based on the "Change product price" setting when configuring Sale settings, visit this article: Configuration if you want to review this setting.
    • Tap on (2d) to remove added products for sale out of the Sale order.

Product Price& Adjust Price

  • Tap on (3) to add other information to the Sale order:

    • Discount (3a) (optional): input the absolute amount or percentage.
    • Extra (3b) (optional): input the absolute amount or percentage.
    • PrePaid (3c) (optional): select this option for online orders which have been prepaid and input the absolute prepaid amount.
    • Customer (3d): input the customer name or code to search the customer information to apply the rewarded discount and record the loyalty points based on the reward program. Notes: visit this article: Manage Customer Loyalty program for more details.
    • Remark (3e) (optional): input other information (delivery information, other information, etc.) to display on the bill.
    • Sales Tag (3f) (optional): other customer information that needs to be tracked and summarized (sales staffs names to calculate commission, channels of online orders,etc.) (will be not displayed on printed customer receipts).
    • Customer Segmentation (3g) (optional).
    • Once you've completed inputting other information to Sale order, tap on (3) to close other information fields.

Add other information

  • Once you've completed filling information for the new sale order:

    • For online orders, click on "Add into queue" to add the new sale order into the queue list.

    • For in-store orders, input payment information: there are two payment methods:

    • Cash: input the money customers give for you in (4a), the exchange for customers will be displayed in (4b).

    • Master/Visa Card: input the card’s number (4c).

Add Payment Method

  • Tap on "Finish and print bill" to print the bill and finish the new sale order or "Finish" to finish the sale order without printing the bill.
  • Once you've tapped on "Finish and print bil", the eBill window will be opened, customers can scan eBill QR code to access to the eBill on their phones directly.

Finish & Print eBill