Administration | Create and manage Accounts for Branches

In POS Online system, the primary account (the account of the business owner) can create accounts for branches to manage each branch separately. The below guide will show you steps to do this.

Open "User" Menu and Select "Administration"

Notes: Only the Admin account can find this feature.

Create Branch Account

From the Business information page, scroll down to view the Branches Information section:

En 102 3 All BusinessOwner CreateBranchAccount

  • This section will display all your branch accounts: Login ID, Business name, Created date.

  • Click on "Add Branch" to create a new branch.

  • Once you've clicked on "Add Branch", the pop-up window will be opened, input the following information to create a new branch:

    • Login ID: this login ID will be displayed in the user menu so you can switch between main accounts and branch accounts.
    • Business name.
    • Once you've completed inputing the branch information, click on "Submit" to create the new branch account or "Reset" to clear recently added information.

En 102 5 All BusinessOwner CreateBranchAccount

Edit and delete Branch Account

  • Select the branch account you want to edit or delete.
  • To edit the branch account, click on each information part of the branch account to update a new one. Once you've completed updating, click on "" to save.

En 102 4 All BusinessOwner CreateBranchAccount

  • To delete the branch account, click on "". Once you've clicked on "", the pop-up confirmation windown will be opened, select "Submit" to confirm the deletion or "Reject" to cancel the deletion. Notes: You should back up the data of the branch account you want to delete before processing the deletion. Once you've confirmed the branch account deletion, you can not recover the data.

En 102 6 All BusinessOwner CreateBranchAccount