Sale | POS - Send Chat Message to communicate with Bar/Kitchen

Key Hightlights

  • The communication between waiter, and kitchen & bar staffs is very important with the sale operation of the restaurant/coffee shop. Especially when the distance between the kitchen/bar and cashier is very far.
  • Any missed or wrong item in the sale order will make your customers unhappy. And it's not easy to quickly update out-of-serve items for the waiter and newly added items for kitchen and bar staffs.
  • If you go with printing paper bills for kitchen and bar, it will cost you and also the environment much money unnecessarily. Since you keep printing the new kitchen/bar bills when having any updates.
  • This traditional way still not present the smoothy in sale operation, especially when you have to depend on the hardware too much. Everything will go wrong when happening issues, paper jam, or crashed computer are just a few unexpected cases can happen.
  • By leveraging the development of chatting apps (Viber, Skype, etc.); you can upgrade the communication between the waiter, and kitchen/bar staffs to the new modern and smooth way. All orders or updated information will be shared through the chat group of your restaurant. When going with this way belong with eBill, now you can completely remove the dependence on the hardware and enhance the sale operation.
  • To use this feature, you should set "Print bill for Bar/Kitchen multiple times and Input remark" in the Sale Configuration first. Visit this article configuration if you want to review this setting.

Sale Order Communication with Bar/Kitchen

Step 1: Send new Sale Order to Bar/Kitchen Group Chat

  • After "Add into queue" the new sale order, the pop-up "Print bill for Bar/Kitchen" window will be opened to allow you to input remarks in the bill.

  • Click on "Copy" to copy the order details to send in the Group Chat with Kitchen/Bar on Skype.

Communicate with Kitchen Bar

Step 2: Bar/Kitchen Send Feedback about Sale Order

  • Kitchen/Bar staffs can give the emotion icon as the confirmation signal to communicate with waiter staffs.

Communicate with Kitchen Bar Skype

  • If having any changes in the order such as out-of-serve items or any unclear information. Kitchen/bar staffs can quote the order message to send the update for the waiter staffs.

Communicate with Kitchen Bar Skype 2

Step 3: Send Updates about current Sale Order

  • If having any updates in the order such as adding new items or replacing current items. After clicking on "Save" the recently updated sale order, click on "Copy" to copy the updated information to share in the Group Chat with Kitchen/Bar on Skype.

Communicate with Kitchen Bar 2

  • For takeaway sale orders, you can input "Take away" in the Guest/Table field. So kitchen/bar staffs can acknowledge preparing orders for taking away.

Communicate with Kitchen Bar 3

Communicate with Kitchen Bar Skype 5

Step 4: Bar/Kitchen Inform Sale Order Completion

  • After completing orders, kitchen/bar staffs can inform for waiter staffs to get orders and serve for customers.

Communicate with Kitchen Bar Skype 4