Profile and Setting | Forgot Password

The below guide will show you steps to reset your account's password.

For Primary accounts (accounts of business owners):

Step 1: Click on Forgot password

From the login page section of the homepage, click on "Forgot password".

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Step 2: Reset your account's password

Input below followng information to reset your account's password:

  • Account.
  • Email: this is your registered email with POS Online.
  • Verification code.

Once you've completed inputing information, click on "RESET PASSWORD", POS Online system will send the new password in "Reset password successfully" email to your email address.

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Step 3: Update your new own password

You should login into POS Online with the new password which POS Online has sent for you to update your new own password. Visit the article Change Password for more details.

For Staff accounts:

If your account is the staff accounts, you should contact the admin account to reset the password for your account. Visit this article for more details: Update statuses's Staff Accounts.