Administration | Check New Payment and Payment History

In POS Online system, the primary account (the account of the business owner) can check new payment to extend the POS Online subscription and also payment history of your account. The below guide will show you steps to do this.

Open "User" Menu and Select "Administration"

Notes: Only the Admin account can find this feature.

Check New Payment

From the Administration page, click on "New Payment", to check the total fees for the new payment to extend POS Online subscription:

  • Select the payment package you want to extend POS Online subscription.
  • The total fees will be displayed in the right below field.
  • Click on "Paypal Checkout" to process the payment through Paypal payment gateways with 2 options: pay with your Paypal account or pay directly with your Debit or Credit Card.

Check New Payment

Check Payment History

From the Administration page, click on "Payment History", to check all your payment history:

  • Select the suggested time (Today|This week|This month) or custom time range you want to display the payment history.