The restaurant/coffee shop service industry with the active support of the internet is now developing, changing day by day, and the customer is also demanding more. Business owners always want to build and promote their businesses' signatures but ignore the concern that: your customers feel the signatures through their experience while enjoying your services no matter what at your restaurant or their home through online food delivery services. So it's doubtless that the customer highly prioritizes the customer experience; thus, those businesses that provide a certain level of service experience tend to find consistent growth and success. As the system provider, we will reveal some key & trending concerns to support you to improve the customer experience of your F&B business. That is the way we encourage you to deliver #Signatures. Once you've achieved the great customer experience, you'll drive a connection to the signatures of your business in the customer mind.

To enhance the customer experience, you don’t need to invest too much money, you just call for the good store management and interpersonal skills.

Let’s deal with it, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a restaurant to stand out; there are countless establishments with delicious food and gorgeous ambiance that give the customer a worthwhile experience. But, that alone is not enough to offer optimal satisfaction and repeat customers. If you wish to delight customers and keep them coming back again and again, it’s important to pay attention to the little things that can create a big difference during their vacation.

So what are the emerging elements of the restaurant customer experience that matter to your customers?

1. Engage me: the restaurant interacts with me in a friendly, authentic, and hospitable way.

Do you know what is the front-end that impresses your customers in the first moment they visit your restaurant/coffee shop? Those are the front line staffs and the order process. The customers will disengage with your restaurant when they see the annoyance on your staffs’ faces or the mess in your process. Here are just a few things that can go wrong:

  • Having to wait too long for the order or payment.
  • Forgetting notes when processing the order.
  • Seeing incorrect items in the order.
  • Catching the “not smile” moments of your staffs.

But what are the root cores of all these messes? The answer is mainly coming from your complicated sale operation and too much dependence on the hardware.

In more details, the paper jam of the printer makes cashiers have to wait for so long to print out the customer receipts; the slow performance of the old computer makes sales process not smoothly. All these will turn out the significant impact on your business. Your customers feel not satisfied with your service, they leave you and promise never come back to your stores again! Sales dropped, cost increased; having been through all of these painful, do you want to invest in the hardware again? Moreover, with a complicated sale process, your restaurants will face challenges when having unexpected cases.

Thus, having and maintaining the flexible, stable point-of-sale that can make your sale operation smoothly and efficiently adapt to unpredictable situations.

With POS Online, you can feel relaxed about these. We provide the point-of-sale solution that meets the operational requirements of each restaurant model, ensures the stable system but still keep the flexible to deliver the smooth sale operation. Below are two popular restaurant models and POS Online solutions for each model:

Beside that, with POS Online Mobile Wep App, your staffs can use their smartphones to create and manage sale orders, also print eBill and let customers scan QR code to access eBill on their phones without any involement of printers or any other hardware devices.

POS Online @ F&B - Mobile Point-of-sale

2. Hear me: the restaurant understands my situation and listens to my needs.

How do you approach and respond the customers' feedbacks? How do you recognize and filter the "real" feedbacks and "fake" feedbacks? It's time to focus on the true and constructive feedbacks since these are most valuable ways to support your business to improve the customer experience. There is no better time to collect customer feedback than while they’re actually in your restaurant, having just enjoyed the customer experience.

With POS Online, you can have the timely and accurate feedbacks from your real customers by "Scan to Feedback" feature:

  • Your customer can send the feedback on their eBills.
  • After your customers give the feedbacks, you can check all these information immediately.

And in the end, your job is about considering their feedbacks to have the immediate improvement. Let's make your customer surprised when they visit your restaurant in the next times.

POS Online @ F&B-eBill & Customer Feedbacks

3. Know me: the restaurant remembers me, my preferences, and my needs.

How do you understand your customers? Do you have the insight of the customer segmentation of your restaurant? Do your customers feel excited about the promotions of your restaurant?

We believe that many business owners feel confused about these. And the fact that your customers want to be remembered and cared as much as you can.

With POS Online, you can treat your customers as your friends. We provide features to support you to:

In conclusion, the point is, building a strong customer experience that runs deep in the restaurant culture and is supported by digital capabilities, smooth sale operation, well-trained staffs, and deep data insight is critical. And your restaurants should start now. After all, the brand already knows how to make customers feel full. Now the challenge is to make them feel engaged, understood, and wanted — to make them feel like a part of the community, even in locations they may never have visited before. When that happens, the restaurant can serve a great experience that offers much more than food.

As the individual maybe we cannot, but as the part of the community, we can together improve the customer experience through sharing, learning from each other. Let's join POS Online community if you have the same mission with us.