Administration | Update Business information

In POS Online system, the primary account (the account of the business owner) can check and update the information of your account with POS Online. The below guide will show you steps to do this.

Open "User" Menu and Select "Administration"

Notes: Only the Admin account can find this feature.

Update Business information

This page will display the information of your account:

  • Business model: select your business model. There are 3 kinds of business model: F&B, Accommodation, and Retail shop. Notes: chat with POS Online, if you can not find the suitable business model.
  • Chain/Franchise: select this option if your business has 2 branches and above.
  • Booking: this information is just visible with the accommodation business model. Notes: if your business model is accommodation but this information is not displayed, you can chat with POS Online for further support.
  • Login id: this is the default when you registered your account and can not be changed.
  • Business Name: click on the part to update a new one.
  • Email: the main contact email which POS Online will use to communicate with you, click on the part to update a new one.
  • Contact person's name, Contact person's phone: click on each part to update a new one.
  • Address: the address of your business linked with Google map, click on the part to update a new one.
  • Created date of your account.
  • Expired date of your account: after 10 days from this day, your account will be locked if you still not process the renewal.
  • Notice: Visit this article to extend your account: Payment and Renewal.
  • Once you've completed updating your business information, select "Save" to save updated information or "Reset" to reset the last information.

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