Work Log | Create Work log

With POS Online, you can add the work log to manage the labor expense. The below guide will show steps to do this.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Work Log" role in the Work section can create the work log.

Open "Work" menu and Select "Work Log"

Step 1: Add Work log

Fill the below information to add the new work log:

  • Date: the default date is the current system date, you can adjust this based on the real work log date.
  • Staff: select from the staffs' list.
  • Role/Position: will be displayed automatically based on the staff information. You can also select another role if needed.
  • Wage: will be displayed automatically based on the role/position information and cannot be adjusted.
  • Notes: you should pay attention to the unit of role/position of this staff to input the accurate work log.

Once you've completed adding information to the new work log, select "Add" to add the new work log or "Reset" to clear the recently added information.

En 62 1 F&B&Accommodation Work WorkLog

Step 2: Apply added Work log for multiple dates

  • Select the added work log you want to apply for other multiple dates.
  • Click on "Apply for multiple dates"
  • In the Apply for multiple dates window, select dates you want to apply this record for.

Once you've completed selecting dates to apply, select "Submit" to complete or "Reset" to clear the recently added dates.

En 62 2 F&B&Accommodation Work WorkLog