Booking | Create new Booking

The below guide will show you steps to create the new booking.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Booking List" role in the Booking section can create bookings.

Open "Booking" menu and Select "Booking List".

Add new Booking

From the Booking List page, click on "Add New" to create the new booking. Once you've clicked on "Add New", the pop-up New Booking window will be opened, fill below information to create the new booking:

En 3 1 Accommodation Booking CreateBooking

1. Room information:

  • Check-in date (1) and check-out date (2), total nights will be updated in (3).

  • Click on "Check available room (s)" to search for available rooms of these dates. The search result will be displayed in (4):

    • With price: you can book this room for this date. The price is displayed by every selected booking date.
    • With ✓: this room is occupied for this date.
    • With ✕: this room is free for only the displayed date. So if you want to book this room, you need to change the check in and check out date.
    • To search for the booking room, input the name of this booking room in (4a).
    • To filter the search result by the room type, click on the room type in (4b) you want to invisible.
  • Select the room you want to book. The selected booking room will be displayed in (5):

    • To change the price for the selected booking room, click on (5a) to update the new price.
    • To delete the selected booking room, click on (5b) to delete.
  • The booking invoice will be displayed in (6).

En 3 2 Accommodation Booking CreateBooking

En 3 3 Accommodation Booking CreateBooking

2. Guest information:

  • Click on "Guest" to switch to guest information.
  • Adults (required): input the number of adults.
  • Children (optional): input the number of children.
  • Agency (optional): select from the list.
  • Ref id (optional): you should input the ref id from the agency of this booking.
  • Name, Phone, Email, ID/Passport, City/Country, Additional request (optional).
  • Notes: the more specific you fill information about name, phone, ref id of the new booking, the quickly you search for the booking in tabs of Booking List page.

En 3 4 Accommodation Booking CreateBooking

Once you've completed filling information for the new booking, click on "Add" to add the new booking. Once you've clicked on "Add"; the pop-up confirmation window will be opened, select "Submit" to confirm the new booking or "Reject" to navigate back to the New Booking window.

En 3 5 Accommodation Booking CreateBooking

Notice: Visit the next article: Update and manage Bookings' statuses.