Administration | Create Accounts for Staffs

With POS Online, you can create many accounts for staffs to assign specific access roles and monitor staffs' activities in POS Online system. The below guide will show you steps to do these.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Accounts for staff" role in the Manage section can create accounts for staffs

Select "Manage" menu and Select "Accounts"

Create new Accounts

Fill below information to create the new account for staff:

Account for Staff

  • Account (required): not have the blank in the name. Notes: the login account of staff will have the following structure: name of the staff account@name of the primary account. In this example, the login account of the staff will be cashier3@demo.
  • Status (required): select a status from the list: Active or Deactive.
  • Manage branches: if your business has accounts for branches, select the branch account you want this staff account accesses beside the main account.
  • Assign access role to the staff account: select roles you want the staff account accesses in POS Online system. Notes: With "Sale order", "Import order", "Export order", and "Booking List" roles; if you select "Delete" role next to these roles, besides viewing sale orders/import order/export orders/booking list, the account also can delete these kinds of orders and bookings and vice versa.
  • Scroll down to view and select other roles. Once you've completed filling information for the new account, select "Add" to create the new account for staff or "Reset" to clear recently added information.
  • Once you've clicked on "Add", the pop-up window will be opened to provide you a random password for the new staff account.

En 103 3 All BusinessOwner CreateStaffAccount

En 103 4 All BusinessOwner CreateStaffAccount

  • Save login information for the new account for staff to provide for your staff.
  • Notes: your staffs can change the password for their account, visit this article for more details: Change Password. But your staffs can not reset passwords for their accounts by themselves, visit this article to reset passwords for staff accounts: Update statuses's Staff Accounts.