#Signature features | Customer Segmentation - Get Started to Understand Customer of your Accommodation Businesses

Why "Customer Segmentation"?

#1. Customer is your Asset

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Ideally, marketing should result in a customer who is ready to buy. All that should be needed then is to make the product or service available." - Peter F.Drucker. So that, customers are the center of all activities in any kinds of businesses.

With Accommodation, customers play an important role in determining what kinds of rooms you should provide what service level you should deliver to make them satisfy. Moreover, the atmosphere and decoration of your Accommodation places are also inspired by customers' characteristics. Don't you realize that when you plan to open your resort|hotel|homestay, you tend to design them having core values visualizing a specific customer group? So that, it has no doubt that without customers, you cannot have these above things, and your Accommodation business will be bankrupt.

#2. "Who are your target customers?" - The must-have question in all your plans

❓"Define who you want to see your ads" is the second stage Facebook asks you after picking up an objective when you run Ads.
❓"Who will read my content?" is the first question you challenge yourself when designing a new social media post.
❓"Who will go to the Happy Hour party?" is the first question your staffs ask you when you plan to organize this party.
❓"Who will love the new coffee flavor?" is the first concern you ask the bartender when he wants to add a new product to the menu.

Don't you see these question sound familiar to you? They have been raised every day in all plans of your Accommodation places to support you to:

  • Invest your budget efficiently for the right customers who express their interest in the kind of resort|hotel|homestay like yours.
  • Don't waste your time for creating contents that cannot impress your target customers.
  • Make attractive promotions or events for your target customers.
  • Innovate the new right favored products for your customers.

In conclusion, when you are the business owners of your Accommodation places, your mission is always about making sure what you do is what your customers' favorite things, not yours. And there is only a key to achieve this, it is understanding who are your really truly customers.

#3. Customer Segmentation - POS Online #signature

"Customers of customers are POS Online customers, and also our asset". This is the strong reason for us to develop the new feature that can support our customers to understand their customers. Thus, we come up with a new feature to allow to collect and analyze customer segments - a part of customer insight in the point-of-sale page. It's called Customer Segmentation.

As a part of the "deliver #Signatures" journey, we hope that the new feature will support your business improve and deliver more.

How does "Customer Segmentation" work?

With this feature, you do not need to print out or make online the survey to research the current customer segments of your Accommodation places. You staffs will collect your customer information in the point-of-sale screen, then POS Online will summarize to provide for you the Customer Segmentation report by Sale Statistics.

1. Collect Customer Information in point-of-sale screen:

POS Online will allow you to collect below customer kinds of information: Go to your resort|hotel|homestay by single|couple|group|family by age? by gender?

Customer Segmentation 1

2. Check Customer Segmentation Report:

Collected customer segmentation data will be summarized and analyzed into Sale Statistics by specific Customer Segments:

Customer Segmentation Statistics

As the business owner, your main mission is defining the best efficient way to invest your money that turns out the best revenue, kinda the high ROI. In another word, it also means do the right things for the right customers with the right budget. So that if you cannot define the right customers of your Accommodation business, whether how big your budget is, what you do is meaningless. Moreover, the "target customers" term is not imagined pictures in your mind, it should be based on the fact and figure via statistics. As a system provider, we hope the Customer Segmentation feature will support you to sharpen your Customer Insight.