#Signature features | Scan the Menu - Let's make your menu on-the-go with customers

Why "Scan the Menu"?

Obviously, we all know that creating experiences for customers is now playing the main role to support F&B businesses to be recognized and remembered. But how to find out the new experience that really matters to customers? There is no better way than acting and thinking like real customers.

We are all travel lovers; when visiting new places, we really love exploring best local cuisine. It's clear that we always have various choices of restaurants or coffee houses on main roads of central travel district. And when the moment comes, we are really attracted by first impressive images of stores, and what would we do in next steps? Of course, we will scan the menu on the standee or capture the Happy Hour blackboard to find out "convinced points" to support our decision. But what if we already have the meal, or we have to come back later because the store is full; oops, all we want at this moment is stealing the menu or maybe the blackboard and running away. Or may we just need to find the way to access the online menu of the store to explore and save on our wishlist? Do you think this way would be necessary?

Oh wait, do you think that we are now typing an "online social story" on the computer? Fortunately and actually, this is the true story when we are just normal visitors in Hoi An. Haven't you really meet that situation before?

Stick a QR code on the hard-copy menu, then visitors can easily use their phone to scan it for your e-menu. Now we have the solution for you - F&B owners, to overcome that situation. It’s called "Scan the Menu" - the feature we specially design for tourist cities thanks to the inspiration of blackboards and menu standees. It’s free, no spam, no scam, no ads. Since we would love to stand by you to deliver #Signatures - that’s our Slogan. We support you means we support our branding.

As a part of the "deliver #Signatures" journey, we hope that the new feature will support your business improve and deliver more.

What situation "Scan the Menu" work for?

Visitors stop by your restaurants or coffee shops but

  • they already have the meal.
  • your stores have no empty tables.
  • there are other visitors checking the menu.
  • they want to come back in the Happy Hour.

So they will scan the QR code to visit your store emenu to check foods & drinks, Happy Hour, and Promotion information to save on their wishlist.

What kind of F&B stores "Scan the Menu" work for?

Any kinds of F&B store located in central districts for tourists with walking streets. The most outstanding images to recognize restaurant and coffee shops in these areas are always having menu standees and blackboard outside stores.

How "Scan the Menu" work?

1. Add store information:

  • Open Settings page for accessing Manage/Settings.
  • Scroll down to Bill section.
  • Add Logo, Store Name, Address and Phone Number.

2. Design eMenu page:

  • Scroll down to eMenu section.
  • Select "Share eMenu", the eMenu link is as the following.
  • Add follow information to design the eMenu page:

a. Branding section: this section will be displayed your store name, logo, address, phone number, and story.

  • Colors: you can use colors in your store logo.
  • Our Story: you can tell stories about store establishment or signatures you want to deliver to your customers.
  • The branding section will be displayed in the emenu as below:

Scan the Menu 1

b. Signature section: this section will be displayed highlight products for sale having "*" as the prefix in the product name of product for sale list.

Scan the Menu 2

c. Menu section: this section will be displayed all products for sale.

Scan the Menu 3

3. Print out QR code to stick on the hard-copy menu:

Scan the Menu 4

There are always have solutions to enhance the customer experience. However, it's clear that do not have the same approaching method in creating new customer experiences. In order to do this job, you should base on the nature of your F&B stores: location, target customers, and roles of F&B service in the region. So the most important thing is not how to meet the customer expectation, it is about how to find out the new expectation that really matters to customers. As the result, your F&B stores can deliver customer experience beyond the customer expectation. With this feature, we hope it can support you to accomplish this mission as the part of deliver #Signatures journey.