F&B Services | POS - Setup printer and Print Paper bills

With POS Online, you can print bills for customer or bills for the bar/kitchen via the web browser. To have the best experience, you should use POS Online on Google Chrome. Follow the below guide to configure the Chrome's settings for printing.

Notes: Google Chrome settings will be saved into the Google account, so you should login to your Google account before adjusting printing settings in Chrome.

1. Allow pop-up Printing window

  • In the setting page of Chrome, scroll down to the end of the page and click on "Advanced".

En 15 1 F&B&Accommodation Sale PrintBill

  • In the Advanced section, scroll down to find the "Privacy and security part" In the Privacy and security part, click on "Content settings".

En 15 2 F&B&Accommodation Sale PrintBill

  • Click on "Popups".

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  • In the Popups page, click on "Add" of the "Allow" section to add the POS Online site to allow the pop-up Printing window. Click on "Add" to complete.

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  • The result will be displayed in the allow part.

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2. Adjust settings in the printing window:

  • Printer: if your PC has been set up to connect with multiple printers concurrently, make sure you have checked and selected the correct name of the printer you want to use.
  • Copy: input the number of copies you want to print.

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  • Paper settings: click on "More settings" to adjust the Margins, Paper size for the printed bill:

  • Margin: select Custom from the list. Each printer will have its own settings, therefore, you should try to drag the grids around and then press Print to print out until you get the best printing version.

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