Inventory | Configuration

In POS Online system, the user can configure the setting for the Inventory feature which fits with the inventory operation. The below guide will show you steps to do this.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Settings" role in the Manage section can configure the setting for the Inventory feature.

Open "Manage" menu and Select "Settings"

Configure Inventory settings

Select Inventory tab to configure Inventory settings

En 41 1 F&B&Accommodation Inventory Configuration

  • Allow to update inventory: enable this option if you allow to edit the inventory data in the "In Stock" page.

En 41 2 F&B&Accommodation Inventory Configuration

  • Export immediately from inventory when finishing a sales order: enable this option if you allow the system to automatically generate an export order according to the sales order after finishing the sale order to update the inventory based on 2 following rules:

    • With sale product is also purchase product (Coca-Cola can, Water bottle, etc.): quantity in the export order = quantity in the sales order
    • With processed products for sale: the quantity of the ingredient in the export order calculated from the ingredient measure of this sale product.