Customer Loyalty | Create Customer list

With POS Online, you can create the customer list to manage and build the customer reward program. The below step will show you steps to create the customer list.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Customers" role in the Manage section can create the customer list.

Open "Manage" menu and Select "Customers"

Step 1: Create Customer Group

  • Click on "Group".
  • Name of the group (required).
  • Reward discount applied for all customer of this group: input the absolute amount or percentage.
  • Exchange/Point: the amount which the customer will spend in the store to get 1 reward point.

Once you've completed adding information for the new customer group, select "Add" to add the new customer group or "Reset" to clear the recently added information.

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Step 2: Create Customers list

Fill the below information to create the new customer:

  • Code (required): this field is used to search the customer information in the Point-of-sale page. Notes: you should set the customer code based on the customer's phone number so that your staffs can search the customer information easily.
  • Name (required).
  • Customer group (optional): select from the list or click on "Group" to add a new one as in Step 3.
  • Exchange point: this field will update the accumulated reward points of the customer. Notes: the setup data is 0 and you can adjust it if needed.
  • Other information (optional): Gender, Birthdate, Phone, Email, and Remark. Notes: the system will notify customers having the birthdate in the current month in TODAY page.

En 71 3 F&B&Accommodation Cusomter CreateCustomer

Once you've completed adding information to the new customer, scroll down to select "Add" to add the new customer or "Reset" to clear the recently added information.