Co-working Space Services | Configuration

In order to use POS Online to manage your Co-working spaces, you need to create services: desks, meeting rooms or event areas your spaces provide. The below guide will show you steps to do these.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Product for sale", "Booking rooms" role in the Manage section can create provided services.

Step 1: Create Co-working Space Services

  • Open Manage Menu, select Product for sale.

  • Create Service Categories:

    • From the Products for sale page, click on "Category".
    • Once you've clicked on Category, the category window will be opened.
    • Fill the new product category’s name.
    • Once you've completed, select "Add" to create the new product category, "Reset" to clear the recently added information or "X" to navigate back to the Products for sale page.
    • Notes: you should add nummber orders as the prefix of category name, this will support you to display service categories orderly in eMenu and Point-of-sale page.

    Create Service Category of Co-working Space

  • Create Services:

    • Name (required).

      • Add "*" after service name if you want to highlight this service in eMenu page.
      • Notes: you should add nummber orders as the prefix of service name, this will support you to display services orderly in eMenu page.
    • Price (required). Notes: you can input the integer or decimal number depended on the configuration in the setting page.

    • Add another price (optional): this option is not suitable for Co-working space services, so you can ignore.

    • Category (required): select the category from the list or click on "Category" to add the new one as steps in the above guide.

    • Product’s picture (recommend): upload picture of service, should be in 1201x628 px to have the best display on eMenu page.

    • Description (recommend) (max 200 characters): give your customers detailed information about your service: benefit or free offers.

    Create Service of Co-working Space

    • Once you've completed adding information for the new product for sale, select "Add" to create the new product for sale, "Reset" to clear the recently added information.

Step 2: Configure Bill settings

  • Open Manage menu, select Settings.

  • Select Bill tab to configure bill settings:

    • eBill: select this option if you want to print eBill for customers.

    • Logo: this Logo will be used for all bills and eMenu page of your account.

      • For paper bills: logo image should be in square size and has a size of 150 pixels maximum to have the best printing.
      • For eBill: you can upload Logo with any size you want. Note: if you want your customers to share eBill or your eMenu page on social pages, you should upload Logo or image (to share Services, Promotion, Happy Hour, Event or Message of your places) in 1201x628 pixels.
    • Name, Address, Phone, Website, Wifi pass, Remark.

    • Scroll down to view the full demo of the bill. Once you've completed configuring Bill settings select "Save" to save updated settings or "Reset" to reset the last settings.

    • Notes: if you want to create hyperlink to your website right on eBill, follow this structure to create: <a href="">Review us on Tripadvisor</a>. You can add as many hyperlinks as you want with the same structure, use "|" to as the partition between links.

    Configure Bill Setting of Co-working Space

Step 3: Configure eMenu settings

  • You should use this feature to let your customers scan the QR code to access to your service page to:

    • view detailed information about service packages of your Co-working space.
    • get update for common events organized at your Co-working space.
  • Open Manage menu, select Settings.

  • Select eMenu tab to configure eMenu settings.

  • eMenu: select this option.

  • Add follow information to design the eMenu page:

    • Branding section: this section will be displayed your store name, logo, address, phone number, and story.

      • Colors: you can use colors in logo.
      • Our Story: you can tell stories about store establishment or signatures you want to deliver to your customers.
      • The branding section will be displayed in the emenu as below:
    • Signature section: this section will be displayed highlight services having "*" as the suffix in the service name as guided in Step 2.

    • Menu section: this section will be displayed all products for sale.

    • Notes: visit this link to find suitable colors with RGB codes to design your eMenu page:

    Configure eMenu page of Co-working space

  • Print out QR code to stick on the Wobbler at the reception of your Co-working space.

eMenu Tent card at Co-working Space reception

eMenu - Branding Part eMenu - Signature Part eMenu - Product Part