Inventory | Add the ingredient measure for product for sale

To control the inventory and prevent the loss in your store, you should add the ingredient measure for the processed products for sale. The below guide will show you steps to do this.

Notes: Only accounts having the "Products for sale" role in the Manage section can do this.

Open "Manage" menu and Select "Products for sale"

Add the Ingredient measurement

  • Select the product you want to add the ingredient measurement.

  • Click on "Ingredient" (1). Once you've clicked on "Ingredient", the Ingredient window will be opened:

    • Search and select ingredients (product for purchase) of the product: input the name of the ingredient (2a) to get the search result or click on (2b) to view the list of the available ingredients.
    • Add the quantity of the ingredient by inputting the absolute quantity in (3a) or the ratio (if Ratio = 1/20: it means you will need 1/20 of 1kg Coffee 3 for 1 Americano or 1 kg Coffee 3 can make 20 Americano) in (3b). The quantity will be updated based on the ratio you input.
    • Select "Add" to save information, "Reset" to clear recently added information or "X" to navigate back to the Product for purchase page.

En 43 1 F&B&Accommodation Inventory Ingredient

  • Once you've completed adding ingredients for the product, the ingredient information belong with the cost of goods sold (updated based on the updated purchase price of the ingredient) will be displayed in the Ingredient box.

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