TripAdvisor is one of the biggest review social channels for the Hospitality (F&B, Accommodation & Retail) category. So to enhance your F&B brand to be recognized by this community, it's extremely important to get the high rating and ranking on TripAdvisor.

The power of online review and rating

The Social Media is now becoming one of biggest communication platform in the world, and as the result, people are now depending on this channel to connect and also to search for the essential information. Furthermore, netizens also tend to share their experience, memories, tips for others as advisors in all aspects of life. Without Sharing - Learning - and of course Liking, the Social Life is nothing. F&B, a part of the Hospitality industry, is now affected by the Social Media. In more details, customers have changed their service behavior by adding 'searching & reading' step as the first step in their process. This means customers will search for a place and read reviews and ratings of this place before making decisions and visiting. So that it's clearly that peer-to-peer reviews have become increasingly important in recent years, to the extent that half of the visitors will not choose a place before consulting an online review site.

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