You have unique and authentic products; you want to make them trending and outstanding in the market. The fact that you have to compete with many retailers in the same category since the retail industry has significant growth with strong support from the internet. The customers now are taking more choices than before; they can shop various products all over the world, especially they consistently explore local and signature products of the places they visit. Thus, to remain competitive and meet the expectations of today’s customers, retailers call for the ability to provide signature experiences both online and offline stores. As the system provider, we will reveal some trending concerns to support you to deliver the customer experience of your retail business. That is the way we support you to deliver #Signatures. Once you’ve achieved the excellent customer experience, your signature product will have a strong position in the customer mind.

Customer experience in retail is all about putting customer needs at the center of what a retailer needs to do, and then ensuring along all the touchpoints and even more so along with all the relevant customer journeys that the customers have a flawless experience. 

When a customer is satisfied with the store, they are also lower in the cost to serve, but also have a higher potential to be more loyal customers for the store. And maybe they’ll even promote this store among their friends. In short words, the customer experience is the concept of the customer journey that all experiences you can give to the customers from the beginning to the completion of their purchase.

So what are major components that deliver the customer experience?

1. Make customers feel relaxed when purchasing at your store

There are touchpoints that affect the satisfaction of the customer through their purchase journey

Before purchaseDuring purchaseAfter purchase
Social mediaStore or officeBilling
Ratings and reviewsWebsiteTransactional emails
TestimonialsCatalogMarketing emails
Word of mouthPromotionsService and support teams
Community involvementStaff or sales teamOnline help center
AdvertisingPhone systemFollow ups
Marketing/PRPoint of saleThank you cards

So what is the role of the point-of-sale system here? It’s brilliantly that you can meet the challenges in creating the wonderful experience for customers through these touchpoints if you just have a Point of Sale machine to print bills and return a number at the end of the day. Here are just a few points that can go wrong with your customers:

  • Having to wait for your staffs to check the available stock.
  • Spending so much time for the check-out.
  • Feeling disappointed when the out-of-stock keeps happening.
  • Not receiving the on-time delivery order as informed.

Let’s face it: Do not blame that your store is too small to have the system or sometimes you can have the mistake. These are moments your customers will totally disengage and fell unhappy with your store even how unique your products are. So why not focus on spending your valuable time to innovate the creative products and enhancing the service level for your customers while leaving the sale operation for the Flexible, Mobile Friendly & Non-Hardware Point-of-sale solution at the suitable cost:

You can rely on POS Online to support you to run the sale operation of your store smoothly:

POS Online Point-of-sale for Retail

2. Ensure the Authenticity of Products

You have organic, hand-made or authentic products produced directly from your house, farm; how do you ensure your products delivered "safe and sound" to your end customers? In the century of healthy products, the customers tend to seek for much more information about the origin of products than before. Moreover, it is clear that you cannot handle the delivery operation on your own; you do leverage the development of logistics service to deliver your products everywhere. The opportunity always will go with the challenge; when using these kinds of services, you must make sure your products will not be swapped on the way to your customers.

With POS Online QR code, now you can ensure delivering 100% your products to your customers:

  • Use the eBill feature to print all information about your products.
  • Print the QR code of eBill to stick on packages of your products as the guarantee sticker.
  • Customers check the QR code on products to verify the authenticity of products when receiving.
  • Customers scan the QR code on packages of products to access the eBill link and check all information of your products.

QR Code for Organic Products

No more faked or swapped products; your 100% authentic products will now be delivered to your end customers' hands. Besides that, through information about your products on eBill, you will bring the trust about organic and hand-made products to your customers: the origin of the farm, harvest day, usage guide, storage instructions. No matter your products are sold directly via online channels or distributed through indirect sale channels; with QR code and eBill, all information of your products is now completely transparency and authenticity with your customers.

3. Use and turn data into meaningful information to understand customers

How do you identify products of your stores that are your customers’ wishlist?
Do you know kinds of products that repeatedly in the “out-of-stock” status?
If your stores are supplying various products from many categories, you should also focus on the seasonality of the sale and inventory management. Also, we do not need anyone to tell us that every customer segmentation has its specific purchase behaviors. As a result, to create the optimal customer experience, retailers should turn data into insights to facilitate their retail transformation:

Product Optimization:

This is about retailers need to be able to set up compelling seasonal assortments of products in each store, and in the right categories. This activity is very critical to keep your products fresh and meet customer demand. Since you do not want big boxes of out-of-trend products will occupy your warehouse.

Customer Propensity Analysis:

Understanding customer needs and propensities is the key to provide better service and expose more successful upsell opportunities. Moreover, every customer segments will have separate data from their favorite list. Of course, you should sell the sneakers instead of high-heels for sporty teen girls. 

Targeted Marketing and Product Customization:

Retailers are trying to deliver more personalized marketing communications to customers, reflecting their proper segments and each customer’s unique history. Again, historical sale data linked to customer segmentation data will facilitate the social media marketing plan for your store. When handling this job well, it will assist you in investing your budget for the right target, right content, and right products in your advertising campaigns.

Raise customers’ demand by the customer loyalty program:

How do you treat shoppers occupy 80% sale revenue of stores versus remaining shoppers? If you care for them as the same, this way is absolutely unfair. The nature of shopping behaviors is about how the retailers create and raise the demand. Thus those retailers raise the demand by making the shopping become the favorite activity of regular shoppers tend to find the growth and customer loyalty.

This is the reason why you should build the customer loyalty program. Moreover, this program will keep and push your customer visit and subscribe to your stores to check for new arrivals since they totally engage with your stores. 

With POS Online, let’s the data visualize your customers:

POS Online @ Retail Report

4. Listen and improve, keep the feedback process happening continuously

With many reviews for the fan page of your store day-by-day, how can you deal with to have the improvement? Many online retailers have faced with the challenge that they feel very sad when receiving negative comments on their fan pages in the early period of their business; but after that, they just get confused. 

The reason is mainly from that they cannot recognize and filter the “real” feedbacks and “fake” feedbacks. Thus, it’s time to focus on the true and constructive feedbacks since these are most valuable ways to support your store to upgrade the customer experience.  

With POS Online, you can have timely and accurate feedback from your real customers by “Scan to Feedback” feature:

  • Your customer scan the QR code on the bill to access the POS Online feedback page.
  • After your customers give the feedbacks, you can check all these information immediately.

Now you can have the real channel to receive your customers’ escalation and feedbacks. In the end, all you need to do is solving their situation to make them feel satisfied and consider their observations to have immediate improvement. Let’s make your customers still subscribe to your stores and purchase your products.

Customer Feedback

In conclusion, retail spaces are now not only the place that the customers visit, select and try the products then leave with the shopping bag. Now it is becoming the place to go to learn about the products and be inspired. Retailers will need to “tell a story” that can deliver #Signatures of their brand within their store as customers are demanding experiences as much as purchases. 

As the individual maybe we cannot, but as the part of the community, we can together improve the customer experience through sharing, learning from each other. Let's join POS Online community if you have the same mission with us.